Does Tyler Rake Die in 'Extraction 2'? The Future of Chris Hemsworth's Role (SPOILERS)

Does Tyler die in 'Extraction 2'? Here is everything we know about the character and if he would be able to return for a possible 'Extraction 3'.

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Jun. 17 2023, Published 12:57 p.m. ET

Chris Hemsworth's Tyler  Rake in 'Extraction 2'
Source: Netflix

Spoiler Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Extraction 2.

Played by Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth, Extraction 2 focuses on Tyler Rake and his journey of going through another extraction mission. The stakes are high and arguably his most dangerous task yet. The movie has already become just as successful as the original film.

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Does Tyler end up making it or does he die trying to complete the mission? Do any of the other characters die? Here are all of the details of the second film. And, if there is more to come.

Does Tyler die in 'Extraction 2'?

Chris Hemsworth's Tyler Rake in Netflix's 'Extraction 2'.
Source: Netflix
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No, Tyler Rake does not die. By the end of the film, he is shown alive and well. In fact, he is taken out of prison custody to meet with Idris Elba's Alcott.

Tyler, and his partner Nik Khan, are given the opportunity to complete yet another extraction mission, in exchange for their freedom from prison. In the cliffhanger, viewers don't get to see whether or not Tyler takes the job.

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Does Yaz die in 'Extraction 2'? Here's the fate of the character.

Nik Khan and Yaz Khan in Netflix's 'Extraction 2'.
Source: Netflix

While Tyler lived to see another day, this wasn't the same outcome for Yaz Kahn. Yaz, played by actor Adam Bessa, was killed by Zurab while trying to escape from an attack with the rest of the group.

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His loss is one of the biggest deaths in the movie. Tyler ends up later avenging Yaz by killing Zurab near the end of the movie in a shooting scene. Even though Yaz dies, Nik was still able to complete the mission.

Is there going to be an 'Extraction 3'? The director of 'Extraction 2' just answered that question

Actor Chris Hemsworth at 'Extraction 2' premiere.
Source: Netflix
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Given that Tyler is alive and well, the director of Extraction 2 revealed that a third movie in the franchise is officially on its way. The director of the first two films, Sam Hargrave, shared this exciting tidbit in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

He said, "I don’t think any conclusion is necessarily foregone, especially in this business, but as far as I understand, there is a third movie in the works. It is definitely something that is a desire for Netflix. I know Hemsworth wants another one, so I definitely think that’s happening. Now, how it’s going to go, what the story is exactly and when that will happen, a lot of that is based on the reception of Extraction 2."

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In fact, this might not be the only additional Extraction project in mind. When talking about adding Idris to the cast the director went on to say, "We’re looking to expand the Extraction universe in potential subsequent films, and so we wanted to surround Chris with really talented actors that bring an interesting energy to the screen and have great chemistry with him."

As of now, Chris hasn't publicly confirmed whether or not he is officially set to return. For now, both Extraction and Extraction 2 are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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