Hannah and Telly May Be on the Outs on 'Vanderpump Villa' After the Gabriella Drama

Hannah and Telly's comments about Gabriella's appearance set Emily off.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Apr. 22 2024, Published 12:00 a.m. ET

Telly and Hannah from Vanderpump Villa
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When Lisa Vanderpump gives her staff at Château Rosabelle the night off on Vanderpump Villa, it's with the hope that they can let off steam and grow close together. Unfortunately, what happens is that the employees and co-stars become even more divided, and we'd be willing to bet that the drama between Hannah and Telly and the rest of the ladies is enough to make Lisa want to fire the entire staff.

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Before the group sets off for a dinner off-grounds, Emily overhears Hannah and Telly talking about Gabriella behind her back. They comment on her appearance, call out specific parts of her body, and make other remarks that cause Emily to immediately table them as "mean girls." Of course this title, and the fact that Priscilla earlier accused them of being bullies, doesn't sit well with the pair.

Gabriella hugs Andre in the kitchen on Vanderpump Villa
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Emily accuses Hannah and Telly of being mean girls on 'Vanderpump Villa.'

It all starts when Priscilla sits down with Lisa to talk about her feelings of being alienated by the other staff members. Priscilla says that she hasn't made any close friendships and that makes things hard for her at the chateau. When she later tells some of the other employees what she spoke with Lisa about, it strikes a nerve with Telly.

Telly doesn't take Priscilla's admission as a turning point in maybe getting closer to her. Instead, she sees it as a slight and she doesn't appreciate the way Priscilla didn't come to her about her issues. So when Telly brings this up to Hannah, and Hannah has her own issues with the way Priscilla handles things, the two women go down a bit of a rabbit hole in talking about others.

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This leads them to Telly's dislike for Gabriella, who is pursuing Andre after Andre gently let Grace down. Telly and Hannah proceed to talk about Gabriella's physical appearance, specifically her nose, which they call a "beak" and liken to Froot Loops mascot Toucan Sam. Emily overhears this and immediately labels them as "mean girls." When she later reveals the details of this conversation to the everyone else at their dinner out, Telly owns up to what she said. And the lines are drawn.

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Does this really make Hannah and Telly the mean girls of Vanderpump Villa? It certainly doesn't paint either of them in a positive light. To be fair, Telly's actions stemmed from her wanting to stick up for Grace. At least, according to her. But to go about it by bashing someone else's appearance just isn't a good look for anyone.

Telly talks to Lisa Vanderpump in the garden on Vanderpump Villa
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Outside of the show, Hannah and Telly haven't spoken about their actions on Vanderpump Villa, at least during the conversation that Emily just so happened to overhear. Let's hope everyone learned something from this mess.

Hannah thinks she and Telly are being targeted by the other ladies.

Despite Telly owning up to what she and Hannah said, Hannah isn't ready to just take the drama lying down. She believes that now, she and Telly are alone against the rest of the staff members.

We sense a serious sit-down with Lisa coming, and it may not turn out well for everyone.

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