'SHMV' Star Amir Lancaster's Future on the Show up in the Air Amid Natalie Cortes Drama

"At the end of the day, I want her to be there with me this time," Amir said of having Natalie in the house for 'SHMV' Season 3.

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May 16 2024, Updated 3:16 p.m. ET

Although Summer House: Martha's Vineyard is relatively new to the Bravo family, some network fans have already chosen a favorite cast member. For some, the fave is Preston Mitchum or newbie Noelle Hughley. For others, it's Amir Lancaster.

In Season 1 of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard, Amir was one of the house's resident playboys, only to be defeated by Alex Tyree. However, Season 2 showed a different side to Amir, who is now in his loverboy era with girlfriend Natalie Cortes.

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Natalie and Amir's relationship has been a hot topic during his vacation with his Oak Bluffs crew. After the show's Season 2 finale and first-ever reunion airing shortly after that, Amir revealed that the drama he and his girlfriend endured might have pushed him away from the group for good.

Here's what we know about if Amir's Summer House: Martha's Vineyard future.

(l-r): Natalie Cortes and Amir Lancaster
Source: Bravo
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Is Amir Lancaster leaving 'Summer House: Martha's Vineyard'?

In April 2024, Amir appeared on the Positively Uncensored Podcast, where he discussed all things Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 2. During his conversation with the host, Leah Sauer, he discussed Natalie's reservations about being on the show. He said his girlfriend, whom he started dating after Season 1 wrapped, was with some of his scenes with the women on the show.

While Amir and his castmates Season 1 in 2022, it debuted in May 2023, during his Natalie's relationship. The Austin, Texas native recalled setting the record straight to prove he didn't cheat on Natalie when he flirted with Jordan Emanuel and several other ladies on the show.

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Amir said the drama continued after Natalie began hanging out with his co-stars.

During the podcast, Amir shed light on Natalie's "standoffish" actions on the show. He revealed that her behavior was a direct response to his housemates' initial standoffishness towards her, a situation that was beyond her control.

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Natalie also caught heat from the show's fans several times, especially after Season 2, Ep. 8 "Gossip Girls." During the episode, Natalie joined Bria Fleming, Shanice Henderson, and Noelle Hughley in calling Nick "handsy" with the women. When Nick confronted the house about the remarks, Natalie became on the fans' hit list for repeating something she hadn't experienced.

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Amir had yet to endure his and Natalie's backlash during his Positively Uncensored interview. However, he likely knew their drama would air on the show. During the interview, he said he had reservations about returning to the show for another season. The real estate broker said he wouldn't consider coming back for another season if his boo, Natalie, isn't in the mix.

"I don't know," Amir said about returning for Season 3. "It depends on if we do get a reunion and if we're able to clear the air. This vacation is like a domino effect, and the next domino is going to be bigger than Season 2 was. I don't think we'll have an enjoyable vacation, and I don't think the dynamic of the house is going to be there for me, and my partner is going to have a good time."

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"At the end of the day, I want her to be there with me this time," he continued. "That’s how I know I’ll have the most fun. It’s fun to party with your friends, but real adult vacations, everyone brings their significant others; no one bats an eye about it, and you have a great time. So, if all of those things line up, absolutely, I would love to be back for a Season 3. If they don’t, then I’ve just got some heavy thinking.”

(l-r): Bria Fleming and Amir Lancaster
Source: Bravo
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Is Amir Lancaster still friends with his 'Summer House: Martha's Vineyard' co-stars?

While Amir shared on Positively Uncensored that he would "love to come back for Season 3," he doesn't want to jeopardize the "future family" he could have with Natalie. He also said he wanted them to address their issues first rather than remain "cordial" via group text.

"If there is a reunion we need to have it in that order, hash it out and then go back for the next season," he said. "I don't think we're doing a good job on our own right in our group text. We're definitely not talking about it, we're keeping the peace we're acting like normal people you know, we're not dragging each other. But there definitely does need to be some like heavy and hard conversations to allow the group to move forward."

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Fortunately for Amir (and Summer House: Martha's Vineyard hive), the cast filmed their inaugural reunion in May 2024. Several cast members showed off their looks and their feelings after the event. Amir posted multiple videos and photos of his castmates post-reunion to confirm that some of his co-stars are still in his friend group. However, Natalie seemingly didn't go out with her boyfriend's crew.

Catch new episodes of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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