The Internet Rumor Mill Is Spitting out Pregnancy Theories for Ellen Pompeo — Are They True?

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May 26 2022, Published 11:06 p.m. ET

Ellen Pompeo
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Ellen Pompeo

Small pockets of the internet began whispering about a pregnant Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) during the two-hour Season 18 finale of Grey's Anatomy on May 26. It's unclear as to why the whispers began, but sometimes where there's smoke there's fire. On the show, Meredith and Nick (Scott Speedman) have been getting even closer. He has temporarily relocated to Seattle while she helps fix Grey Sloan's resident program, and they've even said "I love you" to each other.

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This is a big deal for Meredith, who has only said that to one person since Derek (Patrick Dempsey) died. That lucky guy was Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), who sadly also died in Season 17. Nick recently survived a meet-the-family dinner in Episode 18 and appeared to win everyone over. Things could definitely head in a new baby direction, which often happens when an actor is expecting in real life. So, is Ellen Pompeo pregnant? Here's what we know.

Ellen Pompeo and Aniela Gumbs
Source: ABC

Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) and her TV daughter Aniela Gumbs (Zola Grey Shepherd)

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Is Ellen Pompeo pregnant?

We can almost hear people shouting out that Ellen Pompeo is 52 years old, but nowadays that almost means nothing. Just look at Janet Jackson who, in 2017, gave birth at the age of 50. All things are possible. However, we don't believe Ellen herself is expecting. While she was actually pregnant with her first child, Stella Luna (born Sept. 15, 2009), Ellen and her husband Chris Ivery used a surrogate for their two other children.

Their second daughter, Sienna May, was born in August 2014, something Ellen revealed during an October 2014 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "She was born two months ago," a then 44-year-old Ellen told Jimmy. "I've done it before. The covert thing is kind of fun. This baby was born via surrogate, so I felt an obligation to keep the surrogate's privacy. That was of utmost importance to me."

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She went on to reveal to Jimmy that she was with the surrogate during the insemination, and she even held her hand throughout the process.

More than two years later, on December 29, 2016, Ellen and Chris welcomed their third child, son Eli Christopher, also via surrogate. Technically, Ellen could be having another baby but it's highly unlikely she's actually pregnant.

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Why did fans think Meredith Grey was pregnant?

Suddenly out of nowhere, one rogue Twitter use tweeted, "I've heard lots of rumors that Meredith Grey is pregnant. Grey's really tryna make us sob. I do not ship a MerNick baby. Any child that isn’t MerDer's my heart will HURT."

Where did these "rumors" come from? We honestly couldn't say. We briefly thought people donating blood, due to a blood shortage at Grey Sloan, could lead to a pregnancy discovery but that didn't end up happening.

Source: Twitter/@lisafausts

If anything, things between Nick and Meredith are on even shakier ground since Nick's patient Cora doesn't make it through surgery. Meredith pushes to perform a surgical procedure that Richard (James Pickens Jr.) does not agree to. For Cora, the real issue is making sure she survives because she's the caretaker for her Aunt Sally. When Cora doesn't, it feels very much like Nick blames Meredith.

There's definitely no baby in Meredith Grey's future. In fact, her future in general is very precarious. Season 19 of Grey's Anatomy has a lot of explaining to do.

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