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Is 'Horizon Call of the Mountain' a Sequel? Here’s What You Should Know

Jon Bitner - Author

Feb. 20 2023, Updated 1:09 p.m. ET

The long-awaited PSVR 2 arrives on Feb. 22, and it’s launching with quite a roster of games. Horizon Call of the Mountain is arguably the most notable launch-day title, as it takes players back to the futuristic world of Horizon Forbidden West and Horizon Zero Dawn. But while it might take place in the same universe, there are a lot of differences between this VR spin-off and its predecessors.

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But is Horizon Call of the Mountain a sequel? And should you play the previous games before installing it? Here’s a closer look at everything you should know before picking up the highly anticipated game.

'Horizon Call of the Mountain' Exploration
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Is 'Horizon Call of the Mountain' a sequel?

Horizon Call of the Mountain is not a direct sequel to either Horizon Forbidden West or Horizon Zero Dawn. However, there are a lot of similarities between the two games. For one, it takes place in the same universe and around the same time as the two aforementioned titles. And though you won’t be playing as Aloy (the protagonist from previous installments), the popular character is said to make a few cameos.

In other words, it’s best to think of Call of the Mountain as a spin-off, and one that might touch on familiar content but isn’t expected to continue the story of Aloy in any significant way. Instead, you’ll be playing as Ryas, a former member of the Shadow Carja that has been tasked with investigating a mysterious new danger in the Sundom.

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Horizon Call of the Mountain Combat
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Gameplay is wildly different from past entries, as the action plays out from a first-person perspective and is much more linear than the open worlds found in Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. However, many of the same mechanical creatures will find themselves on the wrong end of your bow, and climbing and puzzle-solving still remain an essential part of Horizon Call of the Mountain.

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Should you play the other 'Horizon' games before 'Call of the Mountain'?

Horizon Call of the Mountain is enjoyable as a standalone experience, meaning there’s no need to rush through Horizon Forbidden West and Horizon Zero Dawn before jumping into the VR action. You might get more mileage out of the game if you know a bit about the Horizon universe – after all, many of the same enemies, and possibly some of the same locations, are bound to make an appearance – but since the game follows an entirely new protagonist, it's not a requirement.

Horizon Call of the Mountain launches on Feb. 22 for PSVR 2. Keep in mind that PSVR 2 requires a PS5 console, so you’ll need to invest in the new generation console in order to enjoy the hit game.

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