Is Teresa Giudice Friends With Melissa and Joe's Kids on 'RHONJ'?

The drama between Teresa and her brother Joe on 'RHONJ' has caused a rift between the families. Is Teresa friends with Melissa and Joe's kids?

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Jun. 20 2023, Updated 2:46 p.m. ET

Teresa, Melissa, and Joe Gorga
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Once upon a time, the Giudices and the Gorgas used to be one big happy family. That ship has sadly sailed. The controversy between Teresa, Luis, and her brother Joe has finally been revealed on this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey , and it is all about pizza. Basically it is a he said, she said about Teresa and Luis stealing Joe's pizza oven idea.

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But even though Teresa isn't on good terms with Melissa and Joe Gorga doesn't mean that she isn't on good term's with their kids and vice versa.

This makes us wonder, is Teresa friends with Melissa and Joe's kids on RHONJ? Let's see what we can track down.

Is Teresa friends with Melissa and Joe's kids on 'RHONJ'?

Teresa, Joe and Melissa Gorga, and all their kids
Source: Instagram/ @teresaguidice

Teresa, Joe and Melissa Gorga, and all their kids.

Naturally, this rift has caused the families to not be on speaking terms. Family drama is never easy, but the saddest part is that their kids are involved.

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During Season 12, we got to see first hand. Teresa’s daughter, Gia, confronted her Uncle Joe regarding her dad. In an interview, Joe said, "She looks at me like I’m the devil." Gia told Andy Cohen during Watch What Happens Live after the event, "I was a little surprised by how he reacted toward me and how defensive he was, because bottom line, he is [talking about] my father. So have a little respect.”

At BravoCon, Gia was asked by US Weekly about the current drama to which she replied, "I’m just also trying to be the bigger person."

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Antonia and Melissa mirror selfie

Melissa and Joe's daughter, Antonia, also weighed in on the rift between her parents and her Aunt Teresa. Melissa said on her On Display Podcast that Antonia isn't really bothered by any of it, adding, "It’s so crazy that she is such a drama-free — like, she almost giggles at drama, like, laughs at me. She’ll laugh at me and she’ll be like, ‘Oh, Mom, please.’ Like, she’s unfazed by the fact that even her cousins unfollowed her parents on Instagram. She just is like, ‘You know what, Mom? Not your problem, theirs.'"

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Antonia was actually brought up on the April 18 episode of RHONJ. During the promo for the episode, one of the women asked, "Teresa, are your kids and Melissa's kids close?"

Source: YouTube

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Teresa replies saying, "Well, they were, and then Antonia didn't come..." Melissa cuts her off, "Are you going to blame Antonia for something right now?" Teresa loses her temper practically screaming, "Girl! Did I say Antonia was bad?" Melissa said that, "You be that Aunt, I'm not going to be that Aunt."

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Based on all this, it appears that no — Teresa is sadly not currently friends with Melissa and Joe's kids. And after the show’s three-part Season 13 reunion, it’s safe to say Teresa’s kids aren’t too fond of their aunt and uncle, either.

(l-r): Gia and Teresa Giudice attending an event
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The Gorgas accused Teresa’s daughter of insulting Melissa at the ‘RHONJ’ S13 reunion.

In their first sitdown since he and Melissa skipped his sister’s August 2022 wedding, Joe claimed Gia told him he could “do better” than his wife during the reunion. The entrepreneur made the same allegation against his niece in a May 16 episode and has since blocked Gia on social media.

Joe’s accusation against Gia prompted Tre to call her daughter during the reunion to confirm she didn’t make such a harsh comment about her aunt. When Teresa reached Gia, she put her daughter on speakerphone and handed the phone to Andy.

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Andy briefly spoke to Gia about her being at Coachella at the time before he asked her to clear up the “do better” comment, where she said she “never” insulted her aunt to her uncle.

“I called him regarding the wedding, saying that he should do the right thing,” Gia shared during the call. “[And] that Nonna and Nonno are looking down on them, and my mom wanted him to walk her down the aisle. I never told him that he could do better than my aunt Melissa.”

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“And it’s sad, zio Joe, that you’re trying to call me a liar,” she added.

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Joe and Melissa denied making the story up, with Melissa asking onstage why they would do such a thing. Teresa replied that Joe would make it up “because he’s married to you” before she became even more upset by the allegation against her daughter.

“You’re f--king disgusting. Disgusting!” Teresa screamed while walking away from the reunion. “This is not how I would raise my children, ever!”

Although Teresa returned to finish the reunion, she and Joe decided to part ways. And while Joe said he would “never say never” regarding communicating with his sister again, Teresa has said several times that she’s done with him and his family.

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