Season 3 of 'Love is Blind' Is Almost Over and the Memes Are Hilarious

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Nov. 3 2022, Published 11:47 a.m. ET

Love Is Blind
Source: Netflix

One thing about Netflix’s Love Is Blind is social media users have no qualms about sharing their opinions about the couples. While the experiment is three seasons in — with singles hoping to find love, sight unseen, and given a few weeks to prepare for a wedding — it has become a recipe for disaster, especially after Season 1.

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In Season 3, most fans have come to the consensus that both Bartise Bowden and Cole Barnett are extremely problematic — from their disrespectful comments to their fiancées to comments about other women. On the flip side, fans want their partners Nancy Rodriguez and Zanab Jaffrey to reclaim their power and kick their partners to the curb. And of course, the rest of the cast has funny yet quirky moments that have become meme-worthy.

Here’s a roundup of our favorite memes, reactions, and tweets to the madness that is Love Is Blind Season 3.

Alexa Alfia of Love is Blind Season 3
Source: Netflix

1. Raven fighting the urge to workout in the pods

In this hilarious still of Raven Ross in the pods, you can see that she's clearly not focused on the pod date and is instead deep in her head about something else. Since Raven is guilty of doing jumping jacks while Bartise was speaking, fans automatically believe that she's self-destructing since she can't work out. Hilarious!

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2. A man taking off headphones after not being pleased with what he's hearing

No one wants to have an in-depth conversation about activities with the toilet. When Nancy brought up the idea of Bartise unclogging a toilet, this meme pretty much sums up his feelings about it.

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3. A comparison of Cole and Zane's relationship in and out of the pods.

At this point, viewers would agree that Cole and Zanab's relationship in the pods compared to the real world is like night and day. Things were pretty sweet behind the walls, but now it has become a complete hot mess.

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4. Raven looking completely shocked at the expectations of a Nigerian wife.

If you recall the scene of Raven in the clothing shop getting fitted for her headdress for the wedding, the shop owner was telling the pilates instructor the expectations Nigerian men have of their wives. And since Raven is as modern as they come, she was simply too stunned to speak. LOL.

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5. A woman getting ready to throw a brick

The amount of disrespect Nancy has endured throughout her relationship with Bartise is ridiculous — from bringing up Nancy's beliefs on abortion to constantly being reminded that he's not physically attracted to her. At this point, fans believe that Nancy is desperate to be married, which is frustrating enough to throw a brick at their relationship, figurative of course.

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6. A woman with a disgusting look on her face

It's clear that Bartise has nothing but audacity. He has continually told Nancy that he's not physically attracted to her and may say "I do" at the altar, to which Nancy lit up like a Christmas tree. But ma'am, where is your self-respect? And this woman with a disgusted look pretty much sums up Twitter's feelings.

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7. Lilo fighting Myrtle in Lilo & Stitch

As a collective, we are all tired of hearing Bartise talk about Nancy's physical appearance. For starters, she's beautiful and Bartise is not as attractive as he thinks he is. That said, it has come to the point of folks wanting to give him a slap or two to shut up about Nancy's looks.

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8. A man jumping over a bridge

Although Cole pulled a prank on Zanab so she would think that their love lock fell in the lake, fans took the moment and ran with it. A man jumping over a bridge correctly depicts Cole and Zanab's bond since social media believes that the pair's relationship will not go the distance.

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9. Kandi being restrained by Todd

Once Cole questioned Zanab possibly being bipolar, social media lost it. And Kandi being held back by Todd when she was ready to fight correctly edicts our feelings.

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The Love Is Blind Season 3 finale drops on Netflix on Nov. 9, 2022.

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