"Absolute Audacity" — Man Sits Down Uninvited at Coffee Shop, Judges Woman's Life Choices

Melissa Willets - Author

Jan. 5 2024, Updated 1:47 p.m. ET

What would you do if someone sat down at your table at a coffee shop without being invited and just began spewing life advice and random thoughts at you? Get up and leave? Ask them to leave? Or endure an uncomfortable conversation you never asked for?

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A TikTok creator named @sarah_duffy_ called out the "absolute audacity" of a man who was "uninvited" yet "kept going" during her recent visit to a coffee shop — but incredibly, she was kind enough to sit and at least pretend to listen for a time.

Read on to find out how she ultimately got the guy to take a hint and beat it.

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The creator sure gave out vibes that this guy should move on — but he seemed immune to hints.

The creator, Sarah, tried to give the man hints that she wasn't in the mood for, well, him.

"Yeah, I've been here for a while. I'm actually about to go," the creator tells the rando early on in their "conversation."

Then, the woman tells her interloper that she is a self-help writer. But she can't help herself in this cringeworthy moment as the man presses her further on what she does for a living, and what her hopes for the future are.

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The best is when he offers her completely unsolicited advice that she is too young to write about self-help because she "doesn't have enough life experience."

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He adds that once she's gone through "terrible, terrible stuff" she is qualified to write on this topic. Um, does having to endure his judgement and invasion of her personal space count?

The worst of the interaction up until that point plays out when the man digs for details about whether Sarah has had a difficult life — because this is his business?

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The woman finally gets direct with the man, who leaves — kind of.

Luckily, Sarah is as fed up as we are watching her struggle through the life advice sesh from hell.

"To be frank, I really didn't ask for your opinion," she finally tells the man, whose name is Carl, in Part 2 of this series on people who refuse to get a hint.

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Carl is still mumbling something about needing to be a psychiatrist to give advice as he moves on to his next victim, presumably.

But no, he's back!

"You ever want to be a life coach?" he stops by again to ask the long-suffering Sarah.

Meanwhile, commenters to the posts that chronicled this coffee shop "attack" empathized with the creator, but encouraged her to stand up for herself with all sorts of "clever" comebacks.

But as one person pointed out, he could have become unhinged or even violent, so Sarah being polite — at least at first — was obviously a good way to go.

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The overall takeaway of the encounter none of us want to have ever is that middle-aged men have some nerve sharing their opinions on your life without being asked.

This feels even more egregious that the woman didn't even know Carl!

But at least one commenter had the "audacity" to turn things around on Sarah, saying that her allowing his behavior was the true crime in the situation. As she asks in a response, "as if it's my job to condone and fix his behavior!"

Perhaps that particular commenter can take solace in the fact that in the end, thousands of TikTokers have been warned about Carl.

He'll have to find a new pastime other than judging young women in coffee shops about their life choices.

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