Thank You Internet for These Silly Spirit Halloween Costume Memes

Folks are coming up with their silliest Halloween costumes ideas using the Spirit Halloween costume bag. Here are our favorite memes.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Oct. 26 2022, Published 10:11 p.m. ET

Spirit Halloween costume memes
Source: Twitter/@itzryxxn; Twitter/@waDNR

We need a documentary on the Spirit Halloween retail chain because let me tell you, I've got some questions. For starters, how does the franchise have so many locations? Seriously, it's like every time a large area becomes empty prior to spooky season, BAM. A Spirit Halloween store is born.

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And second: who comes up with all of these costume ideas? Are there spooky Halloween elves who spend all year designing costumes in a workshop? Because Spirit Halloween goes balls to the walls with its costumes. And while some costumes are expected, others definitely took some brainstorming.

Spirit Halloween is the boss of far-fetched and silly costumes. That said, in honor of Halloween, some internet jesters have been posting up their funniest costume ideas on the Spirit Halloween costume packaging — and they're not holding back. Some are even including funny descriptions. Shall we take a look?

Note: These are not real costumes and are just for fun.

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Source: Getty Images

People are putting their own funny twist on Spirit Halloween costumes in new meme trend.

If you could pitch your own costume idea, what would you pick? Here's one that pokes fun at the hiker who should seriously not be anywhere near a mountain.

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There's also this one — which is actually pretty accurate.

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OK, I need to know the back story of this costume idea. What jaded teacher inspired this?

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This one goes out to all the folks on Twitter who drank four cups of coffee just to compose one tweet — and not work on their manuscript.

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Oof harsh. But what about a stay-at-home girlfriend costume?

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Yikes, someone must really have it out for the nurses! They do seem to have a knack for creating viral TikToks, though.

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Send this to your friend in the military.

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Well, these definitely gave me a hoot. But if you're looking for actual costume ideas, we've got you covered. Love memes? Check out these meme-inspired costumes. Or in a rush? We promise these last-minute costume ideas don't suck. And don't worry, we didn't forget about the couples! Here are some creative couple costume ideas that aren't Jim and Pam from The Office.

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