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A Look at All the Sexy Singles on Netflix's 'Too Hot to Handle'



Sorry, Love Is Blind. There is a new reality dating show taking over Netflix and it's called Too Hot to Handle. The eight-episode series follows a group of sexy singles as they mix and mingle in paradise.

The only catch: they can't have sex. That means, no kissing, no heavy petting, and no self-gratification of any kind. So, what could go wrong? While we will have to wait and see if this group of Instagram models and selfie pros can handle the temptation and who wins the $100,000 grand prize, here is a look at the Too Hot to Handle cast full of eye candy. 

Francesca Farago

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

Francesca Faraga is a Canadian model with over 300K followers on social media — and that's before she made her debut on Too Hot to Handle. However, the brunette beauty wants everyone to know her personality is her nicest asset. 

Instagram: @francescafarago

Chloe Veitch

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

From the U.K., Chloe Veitch, 20, describes herself as "ditzy" and loves Snapchat just as much as the rest of us.

Instagram: @chloeveitchofficial

Sharron Townsend

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

Sharron is from New Jersey and a self-proclaimed "feminist." He even studied women and gender studies in college, or as he called it, "a blueprint for picking up women." You can also find Sharron on Christian Mingle. 

Instagram:  @sharrontownsendofficial

Haley Cureton

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

This blonde sorority girl loves a good frat party. That is all you pretty much have to know about Florida-born Haley Cureton. 

Instagram: @haley.cure

Harry Jowsey

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

Harry is from Australia and loves to DM his celebrity crushes like Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, even though he has zero percent success rate. However, this "cheeky" hottie does much better IRL (or so he claims).

Instagram: @harryjowsey

David Birtwistle

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

David is your typical British gentleman who loves to make his mom proud, Oh, and he also #lovesasexparty.

Instagram: @davidbirtwistle

Matthew Smith

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

Matthew is from Colorado and a "deep thinker" who doesn't believe in monogamy and has plans of spreading his seed around the world. Casual. 

Instagram: @matthewstephensmith

Rhonda Paul

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

Rhonda is a Georgia peach who is a 10 out of 10 with a "nice butt" — and she is not afraid to say it. Her ideal guy? A man with a job and tattoos who loves to spoil her. 

Instagram: @imrhondapaul

Nicole O'Brien

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

Nicole might have gone to all-girls Catholic school but now she is the ultimate Irish party girl.

Instagram: @nicole.ob

Kelz Chidyke

Source: Aline Arruda/Netflix

Kelz is from London and wants everyone to know he is the king of the jungle. Just check out his lion tattoo. This alpha male also loves The Lion King (duh) and while he wouldn't reveal "his number," he reassures viewers it is under 1,000. Whew.  

Instagram: @kelzchidyke

Bryce Hirschberg

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

A late arrival, Bryce is an LA resident and lives on his boat. Oh, and he has sex every day, but never with the same woman, in case you were wondering. 

Instagram: @brycehirschberg

Lydia Clyma

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

This MMA ring girl is from the U.K., loves sex, and is not afraid to say it. 

Instagram: @lydiaclyma

Kori Sampson

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

U.K. hottie Kori is a water treatment engineer, part-time model, part-time selfie taker, and full-time bad boy. 

Instagram: @korisampson

Madison Wyborny

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

Madison is your typical California girl and works as a model and stylist. Her mission on Too Hot to Handle? Men. 

Instagram: @madisonwyborny

Stream Too Hot to Handle on Netflix now. 

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