What Exactly Is 'FBOY Island' About? Here's What You Should Know

Leila Kozma - Author

Jul. 14 2022, Published 10:59 a.m. ET

First ordered by HBO Max a few years ago, FBOY Island has amassed an incredible amount of interest after its premiere on the streaming platform on July 29, 2021.

Filmed in the Cayman Islands, a dreamy holiday destination wedged between Cuba and Honduras, the expertly edited reality TV show has already conquered viewers' hearts. But what exactly does FBOY Island mean?

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'FBOY Island' stars almost 30 bachelors and only three bachelorettes. But what happens on the island?

Subverting the stylistic standards of reality TV shows with a more traditional feel — take, for instance, Temptation Island FBOY Island celebrates the arduous efforts of three women ready to hone in on their active listening skills and produce a conclusive report on the moral standing of the flocks of men in their surrounds. Through a series of challenges, the women ought to be able to decipher which men are certified FBOYs and which are nice.

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Urban Dictionary defines an FBOY, or a "f--k boy," as a "player," "a kid who just wants to get a girl and uses them," and "a guy who [is bound to] play with your feelings and lead you on." FBOY Island is the reality TV show that butts a dozen of nice guys against a dozen of men who would openly describe themselves as FBOYs. The identity of the contestants is revealed at the end of the season. If the three leads choose FBOYs, the three FBOYs win $100,000.

The Season 1 finale of 'FBOY Island' proves that FBOYs can act decent sometimes.

Celisa Franco, a comedian partaking in Season 1, ended up going after Jarred Evans, an entrepreneur, model, and actor who joined FBOY Island in Season 1, Episode 3. A self-proclaimed nice guy, Jarred agreed to split the $100,000 price with Celisa. They broke up after the filming wrapped — proving that sometimes relationships with nice(ish) guys can turn sour, too.

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A similar fate befell on the other Season 1 leads, Nakia Renee and Sarah Emig. Nakia fell for certified FBOY Jared Motley. She lucked out, sharing the $100,000 price money with the successful fitness influencer. The same can't be said about Sarah, who chose Garrett Morosky, an actor and Bitcoin investor openly pursuing a self-serving lifestyle. Garrett proudly proclaimed that he was ready to stash the cash in his pockets and call it a day.

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In a deus ex machina-style moment, the producers offered to donate the money to whichever nonprofit Sarah chose. We can draw a few conclusions from the Season 1 Finale. First, two FBOYs made it to the finale. Second, one of them agreed to split the cash — which would imply that FBOY-dom has various shades to it. Third, nobody can predict what happens when you force an FBOY to leave their comfort zone by, say, pursuing a monogamous relationship.

In other words, Season 1 of FBOY Island cast light on the shortcomings of the otherwise genius formula. Namely, the definition of FBOY varies, so much so that a reasonably non-heinous character like Jared was able to nominate themselves as an FBOY.

Season 2 of 'FBOY Island' is bound to provide an exceptional opportunity for viewers eager to study the psychological makeup of non-committal men. The first three episodes arrive on HBO Max on Thursday, July 14, 2022.

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