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Source: Instagram

Former YouTuber JinBop Might Be in Prison for Trying to Have Sex With a Minor


Why do so many YouTubers end up in jail? As it turns out, a lot of them are scumbags.

In the last year alone, internet personalities Prettyboyfredo, King Cid, Ray Diaz, and Fetty Potter have all had major run-ins with the law, but former gamer Starlit Zhao, who went by JinBop online, is reportedly still behind bars for crimes he committed in 2016.

What happened to JinBop?

According to court documents initially unearthed by YouTube news channel Scarce, JinBop was arrested in August 2016 for multiple crimes involving a female minor. The then 23-year-old reportedly "acted in a deliberate, sexually predatory manner" toward the victim, who was just 14 when their interactions began.