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James Corden Ignored His Own Wife and Child on a Plane According This Redditor


May. 21 2021, Published 9:51 p.m. ET

The court of public opinion is a powerful one, especially in this day and age where someone is one salacious tweet or unsavory part of their past being aired out on the internet from having their career ruined. Some public figures and celebrities are more affected by this than others and manage to sidestep the PR disaster part where they lose their jobs, like James Corden. But why do people seem to hate him so much?

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Seriously, why do people hate James Corden?

It seems to stem from a collection of personal experiences that people had with the comedian "behind the scenes" that were aired out in a Reddit AMA. There was also a piece on The Tab that wrote he "has always been a d--khead."

The aforementioned article harped on James's BBC sketch show Horne and Corden that was panned as being unfunny and oftentimes homophobic.

James Corden
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They also pointed out his performance in the cringe-inducing flick Lesbian Vampire Killers as being yet another career misstep that the writer believes should've disqualified him from any type of endearing sentiment or a huge opportunity as a prime time late-night network TV host.

"But just like so much of American TV, he’s fake. Playing to an audience too stupid to work out that there’s nothing unique or funny about him, he’s made 'Carpool Karaoke' into a huge Apple Music spinoff series," the article shares.

A lot of stories about James Corden began circulating the web again when it was revealed he'd partake in the 'Friends' reunion.

HBO announced that he'd be hosting the reunion, which some people were outraged over because he doesn't have a tangible connection to the show. Others began to point out a lot of the less-than-stellar tales of behind-the-scenes drama stirred up by James in their disapproval of his new gig.

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However, it was the Reddit AMA post that highlighted several reported personal interactions, observations, and encounters folks had with the comedian. Chief among them was a plane incident involving James. Here's the gist of the story: An observer saw the host seated in first class ahead of them on a plane. James sat down, and a woman with a crying baby sat down next to him.

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James didn't cause a stink about the crying child, much to the observer's surprise. He instead opted to just put his headphones on and keep to himself. After the plane landed, the woman with the crying baby began struggling to get her luggage before turning to James and cursing him out to help with the baby while she got their bags.

It turns out the woman was his wife. The baby was his.

Source: Twitter
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Other anecdotal stories in the AMA point to James's less than stellar track record in his interactions with fans, like one person who saw him cursing out everyone in a restaurant while he was hanging out with Harry Styles (who was cool).

Then there was the story that he attended a Writers Guild Association meeting to advocate for lowering pay for writers. He was also allegedly extremely rude to production assistants and staff while filming the U.K. game show A League of Their Own.

Again, it's important to note that all of these stories are anecdotal rejections of James's "nice guy" persona, one that many people say is false. But there are only two video incidents on the internet of James engaging in some behavior some would deem unprofessional and mean-spirited, like the time he was beefing with Patrick Stewart during an awards show ceremony.

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And then there was also a video interview involving several notable celebrities and athletes, James Corden included, about the phrase "make yourself at home" on a Very British Problems segment.

In the video clip, which has now been seemingly scrubbed from the internet, James goes on a rant about people taking juice from his refrigerator without asking permission first.

Many thought that the way James comes off in the interview was bitter and antagonistic. For the most part, people hate him for his "anti-union" ways and reported instances of being "entitled."

Cats might also have something to do with it, too.

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