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From the producers of Life Below Zero, the reality series Port Protection gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at life in a remote community in the northwest corner of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.

With approximately 100 residents living in isolation and with no law enforcement or government assistance, the cast of Port Protection must depend on themselves to survive. 

Network: National Geographic

First Episode Date: July 19, 2015


  • Gary Muehlberger
  • Timothy "Curly" Leach
  • Sam Carlson
  • Mary Miller
  • Hans Porter
  • Timbi Porter
  • Stuart Andrews
  • David Squibb
  • Amanda Makar
  • Matt Carlson
  • Litzi Botello
  • Jeffrey Johnson (narrator)

Where to Watch: Hulu

Latest Port Protection News and Updates

  • Litzi Botello
    Reality TV

    Litzi Botello May Have Been New to 'Port Protection' but She Won't Be Forgotten Anytime Soon

    Litzi Botello stepped into Season 5 of 'Port Protection' and quickly became a fan favorite. Sadly, she passed away and fans want to know what happened.
    By Jennifer Tisdale
  • Curly Leach

    Curly Leach Lives on the Edge of Society and Doesn't Believe in Money

    'Port Protection' focuses on people who live isolated lives, but some are wondering what happened to Curly, one of the show's central figures.
    By Joseph Allen
  • Port Protection cast

    Have There Been Any Cast Member Deaths on 'Life Below Zero: Port Protection'?

    'Life Below Zero: Port Protection' features situations where cast members put themselves in danger, but have any deaths occurred on the show?
    By Mustafa Gatollari
  • Gary Muehlberger

    Here's How 'Port Protection' Star Gary Muehlberger Died

    Gary Muehlberger from ‘Life Below Zero: Port Protection’ has just passed away. His fans are wondering how he died after the shocking announcement.
    By Jamie Lerner
  • Amanda Makkar

    'Port Protection' Fans Are Wondering Just Where Amanda Makar Went

    What happened to fan-favorite Amanda Makar on 'Port Protection’? She hasn't appeared in any new episodes for a while. Where has she gone?
    By Mustafa Gatollari
  • Litzi Botello
    Reality TV

    Both Sons of 'Port Protection' Star Litzi Botello May Have Passed

    'Port Protection' star Litzi Botello had two sons but one passed away. It looks like the other may have died too but not much else is known.
    By Kori Williams
  • Litzi Botello

    The Truth Behind Litzi Botello, the Self-Described "One-Armed Mexican" in 'Port Protection'

    Litzi Botello is known as the “one-armed Mexican” on National Geographic’s ‘Port Protection,’ but how did Litzi lose her arm?
    By Jamie Lerner
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