The Grinch Prank on TikTok Has Some People Laughing, While Others Aren’t Amused

Melissa Willets - Author

Dec. 23 2022, Updated 12:50 p.m. ET

The Grinch. A holiday mainstay who has been simultaneously terrorizing and entertaining kids for generations. Over on TikTok, parents are having a little fun with their kids by pranking them with a surprise appearance of the green Christmas character.

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We'll admit to snickering at many of the viral videos that show the Grinch popping into kids' holiday celebrations and even, in true Grinch form, stealing some gifts from underneath the Christmas tree. But it must be said that many of the children are deeply troubled by the pranks. So, are parents taking things too far with the Grinch prank on TikTok? You be the judge.

The Grinch prank on TikTok may make adults laugh, but the kids are in tears.

This holiday season, the Grinch is making his rounds on TikTok by seemingly traumatizing young children. In a crop of videos, the character, who is generally known as "a mean one" and "a foul one," barges into families' homes and is instantly greeted by choruses of screaming children.

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In a few of the videos, the kids start beating up the green guy. But, undeterred, the Grinch starts taking gifts, just like in the classic holiday tale, and stuffing them in his sack. Obviously, this only serves to heighten the children's horror.

In one Grinch prank on TikTok, he even steals the family's Christmas tree.

Perhaps the most scarring Grinch prank we saw on TikTok involved he of heart too small and shoes too tight taking more than just the family's presents from underneath the tree. This Grinch ran out the door with the whole tree! Of course, the kids were shrieking in dismay as they witnessed their worst nightmare coming true.

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Kids defend their home against the Grinch in another viral TikTok prank.

In one of the most eyebrow-raising versions of the Grinch prank on TikTok, a belligerent little boy goes one step beyond screaming at the dude who is "as charming as an eel." This kiddo punches and attacks the Grinch, literally going ballistic when he tries taking the family's gifts. Some commenters were in hysterics over the stunt, especially given the kid's over-the-top reaction.

Not all of the commenters thought this Grinch prank was so funny. One person said it was things like this that explain why "kids are the way they are today."

"They deserve better parents," another commenter lamented.

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The overarching theme of the Grinch prank on TikTok is that the kids were petrified.

While commenters were divided over whether the Grinch prank on TikTok was droll or disturbing, one thing is not open for debate: The kids whose parents pulled the prank on them were not even remotely amused in any of the videos. Instead, across the board, little ones screamed and cried upon seeing the man, the myth, the legend in the flesh, er, fur.

Ultimately, the Grinch terrifying tots at the holidays is nothing new. Another popular trend in years past that continues to delight parents sees the Grinch making surprise appearances at photo shoots.

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And, predictably, the children are not laughing either. We'll make a prediction that this isn't the last we'll be seeing of the guy we wouldn't touch with a 39.5-inch pole.

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