[SPOILER] Makes a Shocking Cameo in 'The Flash' That Could Change the Fabric of the DCEU

Is George Clooney in ‘The Flash’ movie? An unexpected cameo at the end of the new DCEU film leaves fans bewildered. Who is the new Batman?

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jun. 15 2023, Published 11:53 a.m. ET

George Clooney / Ezra Miller in 'The Flash'
Source: Getty Images/DCEU

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for The Flash movie.

Despite the MCU’s seeming monopoly on the best superhero films, the DCEU is coming in hot with its latest The Flash installment. The film, which stars the controversial Ezra Miller in the titular role, boasts an unprecedented number of cameos. This ties it back into the wider DC Universe ahead of James Gunn’s new reign. Even still, no one expected the film’s final cameo.

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Ahead of The Flash’s USA release, rumors have already spread that George Clooney is in The Flash as Bruce Wayne. But are the rumors true? Is George Clooney really reprising his role as Batman?

George Clooney at the New York Comic Con
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George Clooney is in ‘The Flash’ movie. He has a cameo in the film’s final moments.

The Flash has a big task — it has to take Barry Allen back in time and to the present day without disrupting any significant fabric of the universe. That’s a lot to ask, especially from a DC film, considering the franchise has yet to grapple with time and multiversal travel in the same way as the MCU. According to several critics, the film has done this effortlessly.

Throughout The Flash, both Ben Affleck’s and Michael Keaton’s Batmen appear. Ben Affleck plays Batman in Barry’s original timeline, and Michael Keaton is the older and more jaded Batman when Barry accidentally derails the entire universe by saving his parents. After Barry goes back in time to fix the butterfly effect-fueled mess that he made, he returns to a world that seems normal.

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George Clooney on the set of 'Batman & Robin'
Source: Warner Bros.

But Barry changed one thing in the past that still affected the future. Barry puts the tomato cans on the top shelf so that his dad’s face can be seen on the CCTV, and subsequently, his dad is released of all murder allegations. But in doing so, he has once again changed the fabric of the universe. But this time, Batman is someone entirely different: George Clooney.

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George Clooney first appears in ‘The Flash’ over the phone.

Barry’s old pal, Bruce Wayne, gives Barry a call to congratulate him, and he sounds … off, to say the least. So when he pulls up to the courthouse in his car and steps out, Barry is understandably perplexed. “Who the f--k is this? You’re not Batman,” Barry exclaims. Of course, George’s Bruce claps back, “What’s wrong with you?”

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So, yes. No matter what Barry does, his time travel meddling affects the fabric of the universe. In fact, this is just one small detail that’s out of place, but perhaps there are plenty of others Barry will have to address in the coming DCEU films. Even still, it’s unlikely that George is going to be Batman for good.

James Gunn denied rumors that George would be the next Batman, saying instead that someone new would be taking over. George’s Batman portrayal was in the critically and commercially panned 1997 Batman & Robin. Even George has since said that he’s not proud of his time as Batman, so this little cameo could be making light of the fact that this universe is definitely worse than the canon one.

The Flash premieres June 16 in theaters everywhere.

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