What Did Sophie Turner Do on That Ring Camera Footage? Fans Share Hilarious Theories

Joe Jonas allegedly filed for divorce from Sophie Turner after seeing her in their ring camera footage. What was she doing? Fans have some thoughts.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Sep. 8 2023, Published 3:36 p.m. ET

joe jonas sophie turner
Source: getty images; twitter / @befbadbelly

The Gist:

  • Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner in September 2023.
  • They had been married for four years and had two children together.
  • Right before Joe filed, the couple's ring camera allegedly captured Sophie either doing or saying something that made him realize the marriage was over.
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After four years of marriage and two children, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner called it quits. On Sept. 6, 2023, Joe, the middle Jonas Brothers, took the step of formally filing for divorce. The divorce filing stated that "the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken."

On Instagram, Joe and Soph pointed a joint statement claiming they "mutually decided to amicably end their marriage" and that it was a "united decision." But what actually prompted Joe to file is unclear. Apparently, though it had something to do with a ring camera. Multiple sources told TMZ that the couple's ring camera captured Sophie either doing or saying something that was the impetus to Joe filing.

So, what on Earth could Sophie have said or done on the ring camera that led to their marriage's abrupt end? The answer remains a mystery. However, fans have come up with some wildly funny, but likely untrue theories as to what Sophie said or did on the ring camera that will definitely give you a laugh.

joe jonmas sophie turner
Source: getty images

Sophie fangirled over One Direction.

"Don't tell Joe this but One Direction is so much f------ better than the Jonas Brothers," said comedian Hanna Dickinson in a TikTok video where she spoofed the ring camera footage. And TBH, points were made. Sophie is from England and so is One Direction. Meanwhile the Jonas Brothers are from where again? ... New Jersey?

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Sophie revealed she's a Belieber.

TikTok creator @sarahklait also weighed in on what she envisioned the ring camera footage to contain. In her spoof video, she pretended to be Sophie speaking on the phone with a friend, claiming that JB didn't stand for the Jonas Brothers, but rather Justin Bieber. "Just keep this between us because if Joe ever found out I was a Belieber, he would never forgive me.

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Sophie farted!

Please enjoy this actual footage of Demi Lovato letting one rip, but pretend it's Sophie.

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Sophie dissed 'Camp Rock.'

"Sophie Turner was caught via ring camera telling a friend that she never would’ve married Joe had she seen how embarrassing he was in Camp Rock," teased Twitter user @befbadbelly.

TBH, Joe probably does consider Camp Rock a cinematic masterpiece.

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Sophie did the loser hand sign gesture at Joe.

We're just going to leave that there...

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Sophie said Joe's babymaker was "average."

Fans have also unearthed this footage of Sophie talking with Game of Thrones co-star Maisie Williams during an interview with Rolling Stone. "Since you met Joe, there's been like a huge growth in you as well," said Maisie to Sophie, who began laughing.

"Huge growth, if you know what I mean," Maisie said to the camera, giving a wink. Savagely, Sophie cut in to confirm it wasn't a "huge growth" but an average one.

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