For Johnny and Amy on 'Love Is Blind,' Birth Control Was a Major Topic — Here's Where They Stand Today

On the Season 6 reunion episode, Johnny and Amy answered some questions about the birth control issue that played out during the season.

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Mar. 14 2024, Updated 12:00 p.m. ET

Johnny from Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind'
Source: Adam Rose/Netflix

Viewers buzzed about a lot of things while watching Season 6 of Netflix's smash hit Love Is Blind — including the fact that contestant Johnny seemed very hung up on the fact that his fiancé Amy was not on birth control.

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In the time leading up to their wedding, Johnny stated that he didn't want Amy to get pregnant yet at that point in their relationship. While Amy was on board, she had reservations about going on any form of birth control due to her health challenges.

Here's the full scoop on Johnny and Amy's issue, including an update from the post-season reunion episode.

Amy and Johnny after meeting each other for the first time
Source: Netflix
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During Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind,' Johnny told Amy that her not being on birth control could be a deal breaker.

Since watching Love Is Blind essentially invites fans to become voyeurs in other people's relationships, we all basically got a window into Amy's birth control status.

As she shared during the season, she was not on birth control.

"I don't know if I wanna get on birth control yet," Amy confessed on the show. "I feel like Johnny's fear about the whole kids thing is our biggest roadblock to intimacy. ... I don't think we're gonna wait until marriage. But using protection, that's not enough for him."

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She went on to confide why she had not gone on birth control, noting, "I've never been on birth control." Amy said she had discussed the option with her doctor, but that given how she receives infusions for her anemia, it may not be something that works well for her.

"I don't want to alter anything and so, it is a lot as a woman to make these decisions," Amy said.

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Meanwhile, Johnny said his past partners were on birth control — and that using protection was not enough to put his mind at ease about an unplanned pregnancy.

In fact, the couple even discussed his getting a vasectomy before getting in bed together!

Johnny spoke out while the season was still airing, insisting that his views on birth control were "spun the wrong way."

As fans pushed back on Johnny's seemingly controlling demand that Amy go on birth control despite her health concerns, the reality star spoke to People in February 2024 about what he really meant with all of this.

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First, Johnny wanted fans to know that the whole topic was "kind of spun the wrong way," as he told People.

"I do want to have kids, but I want to, number one, be able to actually experience life with Amy and grow and really evolve with her as a couple before we welcome kids into the mix," he told the outlet.

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Johnny went on to clarify that he would welcome the opportunity to become a father once the couple had a "strong foundation."

"When things come up with kids, because I hear for a lot of parents too, the first couple of years are rough. You're sleep-deprived, you're not really your normal self you were way back when," Johnny also said. "So I wanted to know Amy for herself first and actually to know her before we were welcome kids into the mix."

Still, fans weren't really vibing with Johnny, with many taking to social media, including his Instagram, to urge the reality star to consider a form of birth control that hasn't been discussed: condoms.

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On the Season 6 reunion episode, Johnny and Amy clarified where they currently stood on the birth control issue.

At the reunion, Johnny and Amy briefly discussed where they were with the whole birth control situation. They said they knew condoms were always an option. Amy also said she never went on birth control, and Johnny said he never got a vasectomy.

Johnny also admitted he didn’t know much about birth control in the first place, so he educated himself and had “continuous conversations” with Amy to figure out the best route for them. The two said that in the end, they came up with a solution that they both agreed on.

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