Is Matthew the Ultimate Villain on 'Love Is Blind'? He's Accused of Gaslighting and Worse

"Matthew love bombed two women, he's gaslighting them both, and he has the most dead eyes I've ever seen. He is a narcissist babe."

Melissa Willets - Author

Feb. 23 2024, Published 10:43 a.m. ET

Matthew from Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind'
Source: Netflix

Oh, Matthew. How you hath disappointed — and even terrorized — Love Is Blind fans across the world.

With Season 6 of the highly-entertaining Netflix reality dating show in full swing, viewers have turned against the guy who didn't even make it past the pods because, well, he was such a jerk.

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So why is Matthew being accused of gaslighting and mistreating the women on the show — and far worse? If you're watching, you already know. But still, you'll want to see just how angry fans are with the man who messed with both Amber and AD. Read on to find out what's being said that will truly have you rolling on the floor.

'Love Is Blind' pods
Source: Netflix
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Why is Matthew the absolute worst on 'Love Is Blind' according to fans?

Throughout the six seasons of Love Is Blind so far, fans have met their fair share of contestants who just rub us the wrong way. Ahem, Jessica from Season 1, and Cole from Season 3.

But this season, our disdain is directed squarely in Matthew's direction. He simply didn't seem to get the assignment when he entered the pods, and swiftly tried to two-time Amber and AD into thinking they were the one.

Indeed, with our jaws on the floor at home, Matthew promised both women he would ask their families for permission to marry them.

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The good news is that the women became hip to his beat, and neither ended up with Matthew. In fact, his gross, gaslighting behavior led to his exit from the show — but not before social media lit him up for being a narcissist and worse.

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Fans are downright disgusted by Matthew on 'Love Is Blind.'

Matthew's behavior in the pods prompted swift condemnation on social media.

"The producers should have contestants take a medical-grade mental assessment on Love Is Blind," one fan vented on Twitter. "Matthew love bombed two women, he's gaslighting them both, and he has the most dead eyes I've ever seen. It's just the tip of the iceberg and it's painfully obvi. He is a narcissist babe."

Other viewers thought Matthew's appearance on the show may bely even darker intentions. One said he went on the show to find a woman to take home and murder!

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With Matthew saying he didn't plan to answer any questions from the women in the pods, to walking out during one conversation, let's just say that fans are unified in believing Amber, AD, and the rest of the women dodged a bullet by not getting too serious with the dude a viewer joked was straight out of Dateline — or Silence of the Lambs.

If you aren't sufficiently creeped out by Matthew and his gaslighting, completely not self-aware behavior, try this tweet on for size: "OK we all think Matthew on Love Is Blind is collecting women for his basement skin collection right?"

Red flags galore! Good thing Matthew's appearance on the show was brief! But as most fans are wondering, um, producers, why? How? And please, never again!

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