Michelle Lally Is Officially Divorced and Has a New Man in Her Life

Michelle described her marriage to Jesse as a "long one-night stand." She has moved on with financial advisor Aaron Nosler.

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May 16 2024, Updated 3:27 p.m. ET

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The premiere season of The Valley has been serving the kind of chaos Vanderpump Rules fans hoped it would. Kristen Doute already stirred the pot with her accusations that Janet Caperna said that Michelle Lally was a "racist Republican," which blew up into an immense argument within the cast. The ladies had a night to bond and seemingly squashed the beef, but there were plenty of other issues affecting this group. With the knowledge of her divorce, who is The Valley's Michelle Lally dating?

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Marital tensions are the obvious running theme of the freshman season of The Valley. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's issues with intimacy continue to hover over their relationship. As the distance continues to grow between them, another couple also has to contend with their bond growing further apart. Michelle and Jesse Lally's tension is palpable and only more intense, knowing that their marriage is now over. Michelle has shared that she's moved on, but with whom?

Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally speaking in a kitchen on 'The Valley'
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Who is 'The Valley's' Michelle Lally dating?

The new season is still rolling out, but there are a few outcomes that viewers are already aware of. Jax and Brittany are currently separated, and Jesse and Michelle have announced that they're getting divorced. Now, it appears that Michelle has a new beau. Social media fans have noticed a new guy popping up occasionally on Michelle's social media accounts, and that person is most likely the new man that Michelle has said is in her life. His name is Aaron Nosler.

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Who is Aaron Nosler?

In April 2023, Michelle did a live Q&A on social media where she shared that she was in a new relationship. Michelle said that she was with "someone amazing." She also said that she wanted to keep things private for the time being, and considering that the decline of her marriage was airing week-to-week, that desire for privacy made sense. However, she did comment on a photo of her and Aaron together, saying, "My handsome date."

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In May of 2024, Michelle confirmed to Bravo that things are serious with Aaron. "I think [given] his age, he’s kind of ready to find a serious relationship, and he knows that I am going through what I am going through, and I didn’t know what was going to happen,” said Michelle. “I was happy being alone and single. I’m not really dating a bunch of people; I’m not that type of person.”

And Michelle's not the only one with affection for Aaron. "Isabella loves him,” she said. "He’s great with children and with Isabella, and I couldn’t ask for anything more right now.”

Michelle referred to her marriage to Jesse as a "long one-night stand."

The tension between Jesse and Michelle in The Valley is uncomfortable, at minimum. Their marriage counseling session made it clear that they're both in two different places when it comes to their relationship. Michelle even referred to the entirety of their marriage as a long one-night stand, which isn't the ideal description one could use when describing being with their partner. Their lack of intimacy is also a clear death knell for their marriage, which viewers are now aware is already over.

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Michelle Lally standing with arms crossed and Jesse Lally standing next to her, both looking off camera.
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Did Michelle cheat on Jesse?

The current buzz on The Valley is Michelle's alleged infidelity. At a pool party, the men discuss the possibility of Michelle cheating on Jesse. Jax claimed to know of a director she was allegedly having an affair with. Jesse rebuffed these ideas while Luke Broderick looked on warily. In a confessional, he proved why he and Kristen mesh so well, saying that he is aware of information that could end their marriage. Viewers will have to keep watching to see if the truth is revealed.

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