The Easter Eggs in 'Moon Knight' Episode 3 Might Foreshadow the Oncoming Conflict

Katherine Stinson - Author

Apr. 13 2022, Published 4:25 p.m. ET

Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac)
Source: Marvel Studios

Moon Knight faces huge hurdles in Episode 3.

Spoiler alert: The following article contains spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 3 on Disney Plus.

Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) took the reins in Moon Knight Episode 3 in order to stop Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) from locating the tomb of Ammit with the golden scarab. Ironically, Marc ended up needing help from Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) this time around in order to try to beat Arthur at his own game.

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The Easter eggs in Moon Knight Episode 3 weren't just clever callbacks to the past of the Moon Knight character. This time around, many of the Easter eggs foreshadowed what could lay ahead in Marc's future.

'Moon Knight' Episode 3 Easter egg 1: Marc's potential third personality.

Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)
Source: Marvel Studios

Does Marc Spector have another personality besides Steven Grant?

Marc has dissociative identity disorder, hence why Steven Grants exists as an entirely different personality aside from Marc. However, Episode 3 teased the possibility of a third personality.

After hunting down some of Arthur's followers, Marc attempts to get them to reveal where Arthur is. They refuse and a battle ensues. Marc clearly doesn't want to kill the men, but he loses control of his body momentarily. When he snaps out of it, most of the men are dead.

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Marc is shocked that Steven killed them, but Steven denies that he was responsible. So who killed them? Fans are speculating that it might've been Marc's third personality from the Marvel Comics, Jake Lockley. After all, Oscar Isaac teased that there might be more than two personalities in Moon Knight, per a Comicbook report.

The comic version of Jake is a cab driver who doubles as an undercover detective.

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Per GamesRadar, Jake's strength is his ability to form a web of connections in the seedy criminal underworld in a way that the richer, more affluent comic book version of Steven can't possibly achieve. If Jake is introduced in a future Moon Knight episode, it would be interesting to see if the series alters his character from the comics, like they did with Steven Grant.

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'Moon Knight' Episode 3 Easter egg 2: Layla's father.

Steven (Oscar Isaac) and Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy)
Source: Marvel Studios/Csaba Aknay

Steven interacts with Marc's wife Layla.

Arthur was continually wreaking an eerily calm chaos all throughout Episode 3 of Moon Knight. He insinuates to Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) at one point that if she really knew the truth about her father's death, she would view Marc the same way he views himself: unworthy of being loved by her.

Could the show be hinting that Layla's father met the same fate as his comic book counterpart?

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As Distractify previously reported, Layla's comic counterpart is Moon Knight's comic book love interest, Marlene Alraune. Her father was a famous archeologist who was targeted by the villainous mercenary Bushman. Per ScreenRant, Marc was actually working for Bushman on his mission to kill Marlene's father and several other innocent people.

Marc didn't want to go through with it and attacked Bushman in an attempt to save Marlene. Bushman did manage to kill Marlene's father, and he also fatally wounded Marc.

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And that's when Khonshu resurrected Marc to serve him as his Earthly avatar. Could Arthur's hint about Marc's involvement in her father's death be teasing Moon Knight's backstory in the show?

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'Moon Knight' Episode 3 Easter egg 3: What happened in Madripoor?

May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly
Source: Marvel Studios/Csaba Aknay

Layla tried to find Marc for months.

When Layla and Marc set out to meet Anton Mogart (Gaspard Ulliel), one of Anton's men says to Layla, "After Madripoor, I'm sure the two of you will have a lot to talk about."

What were Layla and Anton doing in Madripoor? The city was first introduced in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Madripoor was a hub of criminal activity (per Marvel, this is because Madripoor does not allow criminal extradition within the island's borders). Was Layla looking for information about Marc in Madripoor?

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'Moon Knight' Episode 3 Easter egg 4: Who is Anton Mogart?

Anton Mogart (Gaspard Ulliel)
Source: Marvel Studios

Anton has many rare artifacts in his collection.

Anton Mogart was suspicious of Layla's intentions with her husband from the start in Episode 3 of Moon Knight. According to Decider, Anton's comic book counterpart was quite similar. The comic book version of Anton stole only the best treasures and jewels, but he'd only strike at midnight. Anton's time-specific thievery earned him the moniker of Midnight Man.

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'Moon Knight' Episode 3 Easter egg 5: The Ennead.

The meeting of the Ennead in 'Moon Knight' Episode 3.
Source: Marvel Studios

Marc meets Khonshu's fellow gods in 'Moon Knight' Episode 3.

Marc finally comes face to face with the Ennead, a pantheon of Egyptian gods that Steven mentioned in Moon Knight Episode 1. Like Khonshu, the other gods have human avatars representing them. They reject Khonshu's plea to stop Arthur Harrow from his plans to release Ammit (they don't believe Khonshu/Marc's side of the story).

Per Inverse, a fictionalized version of the Ennead (which does exist in real-life historical Egyptian mythology) does appear in the comics.

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The only god sympathetic to Marc's/Khonshu's plea to stop Arthur was Hathor, the goddess of love. It was Hathor who sent Marc in a different direction to get to Ammit's tomb before Arthur, setting up the chain of events for the rest of the episode. The question is, will the Ennead release Khonshu from his stone tomb, or will Marc have to free his godly boss the old-fashioned way?

We'll just have to keep watching Moon Knight to find out! New episodes drop every Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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