If TikTok 2x Speed Isn't Working for You, Try These Tricks

On TikTok, 2x speed can be really entertaining, even if you aren't looking to get through a particularly long video. What happens when it quits working?

Melissa Willets - Author

Feb. 23 2024, Published 10:02 a.m. ET

We take for granted when life is just chugging along without issue. Ditto for when our social media feed doesn't give us a reason to want to chuck our phones across the room. Just us?

Of course, when your TikTok 2x speed doesn't seem to be working, it can be frustrating, just like when any feature on a platform you frequent is inexplicably not functioning the way it should.

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Keep reading to learn what TikTok 2x speed is (for the uninitiated), why the game-changing feature may not be working for you, and what you can do in that instance.

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So, why is TikTok 2x speed not working for you?

OK, so in case you haven't yet discovered the 2x speed feature, basically enabling it allows you to fast-forward through a video on the social sharing app.

You know those videos that seem overlong (Why 7-minute TikTok? Why?!). Yeah, 2x is for those.

The best thing about the feature is that even though you're fast forwarding, per ZDNet, you can still ascertain what the content of the TikTok is, because the audio is enabled, albeit at a faster clip.

All you need to do to enjoy 2x speed is hold your finger down on the corner of a video, and the fast-forward feature is enabled.

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Side note: 2x speed can be really entertaining, even if you aren't looking to get through a particularly long video.

But sometimes, the function is not working on TikTok. Why?

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Basically, if 2x speed isn't working on TikTok, this could have to do with the permission settings created by the person who made the video.

In other words, stop banging your head against the wall — 2x speed simply isn't going to happen when it comes to certain content.

For some TikTok users, 2x speed just randomly stops working for all content.

Per a Reddit post created in 2023, in some cases, the fast-forward function just randomly stops working in the app. This seems to take place when a person gets a new phone, whether it's an upgraded iPhone or Samsung — and no matter what they try, from updating TikTok to reinstalling the app, 2x speed just doesn't want to work any longer.

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The sort of good news is that many commenters said that the fast forwarding just randomly starts working again, without them doing anything. But other users at their wits end just give up.

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Of course, 2x speed isn't the only feature on TikTok that gives people grief at times. If you're a frequent scroller, then chances are you've experienced annoying problems like messages not sending, notifications failing to work, and the app deciding to crash without warning.

Ultimately, these setbacks don't seem to be diminishing use. At last count, even with the app being in the news for its potentially dangerous content, and with chatter about TikTok getting banned, the platform still had 1 billion active users.

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