Tom Brady's Second Retirement Announcement Sparks Torrent of Hilarious Memes

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Feb. 2 2023, Published 11:00 a.m. ET

Tom Brady
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Just a year after announcing he would be saying goodbye to football (only to reverse the decision weeks later), Tom Brady has officially retired — "for good." The seven-time Super Bowl champion shared the news in an emotional video posted on social media, saying, "I'll get to the point right away — I'm retiring ... for good."

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While many NFL players and fans have rushed to congratulate him for his accomplishments in the game, others are a bit more skeptical — will it last? Or will it be a repeat of last year? Based on this uncertainty, hundreds of memes flooded social media about Tom Brady's second retirement. Stick around for some of our favorites!

"Wtf, is that Tom Brady?!"

We were all thinking about this, right? It would be on our minds the entire morning, and then when we learn we caught Tom Brady recording his second retirement announcement, we'd realize we witnessed history.

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We're not falling for this again, Tom.

OK, this better be it, Tom, because fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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Sounds like the Raiders need to make a call ...

The Raiders kicked Derek Carr to the curb in hopes of landing Tom Brady, and now they're in shambles. Honestly, it would be hilarious if Derek ended up as the starting QB for the Bucs.

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Bill hasn't been to the Super Bowl since Tom left!

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick must be over the moon to hear Tom Brady is retiring ... NOT! The two have a great relationship, so much so that Bill even addressed Tom's retirement in a statement: "Tom Brady was the ultimate winner. ... I thank Tom for the positive impact he had on me and on the Patriots and congratulate him on his amazing career."

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This is a rare W for the Patriots.

Why bother producing an all-new tribute when the first one was already great?! Maybe the Patriots can keep reusing it if Tom continues to retire and unretire from the NFL.

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Above all else, Tom Brady is an actor.

Give him all of the acting awards.

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"I'm not leaving. I'm not f--king leaving!"

Oh no, Jimmy G is getting flashbacks to being Tom's backup QB ...

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"The mission, the nightmares ... they're finally over."

It's going to be a battle for the ages in the NFC South, and the Bucs will be at the bottom of the ranking next season.

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When the 49ers come calling:

Are we sure Tom Brady can truly give up football? It seems very ... unlikely.

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He gave up Gisele only to lose to the Cowboys in the playoffs.

Tom had no problem saying goodbye to his wife and kids, but losing to the Cowboys was too much to bear.

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That ship has sailed, sadly.

Maybe Tom and Gisele will work out their issues ... or not.

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When in doubt, FOOTBALL!

He may not win Gisele back, but Tom will always have football!

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"For me, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option."

If Tom Brady has to go back to playing in the NFL to keep up with all the high prices, we're all doomed.

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The only thing the Cowboys accomplished in the 2022 NFL season.

Tom Brady is about to unretire for the second time and force the Cowboys to burn this banner.

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