Embrace Your Teenage Fangirl Habits With These Accurate 'Turning Red' Memes

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Mar. 15 2022, Published 4:41 p.m. ET

The core four best friends in 'Turning Red'
Source: Disney Plus

Since its Disney Plus debut on March 11, Pixar's latest feature film, Turning Red, has been taking the world by storm. The coming-of-age story follows 13-year-old Toronto native Meilin "Mei" Lee (Rosalie Chiang) as she experiences a "furry" crisis in the early 2000s.

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Following its release, viewers took to social media to express their thoughts on the film, with many praising the wholesome tale and reminiscing on their cringe-worthy teenage selves. Others are also making hilariously accurate memes about the characters and plot, and we can't help but laugh out loud at them. Here are some of our favorites!

This still from 'Turning Red' has so much meme potential.
Source: Disney Plus

Honestly, they're the same picture.

As Pam Halpert says in the "Search Committee" episode of The Office, "Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture. ... They're the same picture."

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Tumblr would be in the palm of their hands.

Mei and her besties would have Tumblr and the 4*Town tag in the palm of their hands. However, if Turning Red took place today, the girls would have stan Twitter in a chokehold by "leading the charge of spamming fancams."

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4*Town has no business being this iconic.

We thought we outgrew the boyband phase, but Turning Red threw us right back in by introducing one of the most iconic fictional groups of all time. Honestly, 4*Town has no business going this hard with such a catchy trio of songs.

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This new villain sure does hit close to home ...

Remember Scar? What about Cruella de Vil? Does Ursula ring any bells? Well, it turns out they're old news — Disney is moving on to bigger and better things. Instead of the typical over-the-top villains, the studio introduces a new, more relatable concept for villainy, and we are so here for it.

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Fangirling and having braces is what being a teen girl is all about!

Plot twist: We were the movie. The film is the perfect representation of life as a cringe-worthy teenager, and that's what makes the viewing experience so much fun! There's truly nothing like reliving our fangirl daydreams of our favorite boyband member pointing us out in the crowd and bringing us on stage during a concert (we're looking at you, Mr. Harry Styles).

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This meme exudes the most spot-on 2002 energy.

The Superman "S" logo is the perfect symbol to signify middle school energy — every single teen student draws this at some point in their school career. It's inevitable.

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Abby's chaotic energy is no match for Wario ... or is it?

Abby is one big ball of chaos in Turning Red, and we love her so much. However, after seeing this incredibly accurate comparison between her and Wario, we fear we will never look at her the same again.

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Currently manifesting a joint tour between 4*Town and Boyz N Motion.

We don't know about you, but we desperately need a battle of the fictional boybands. Well, who do you have winning — 4*Town, That's So Raven's Boyz N Motion, or Spongebob Squarepants' Boys Who Cry?

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Every fandom has that one troubled character who becomes the fan favorite.

Anytime there's a damaged character of sorts in any fictional space, we gravitate to them. From Chandler Bing using sarcasm as a way to distract everyone from his childhood trauma to Bucky Barnes sustaining PTSD at the hands of HYDRA, we can't help but want to protect these characters at all costs.

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The third picture is the most accurate meme we've ever seen — bravo!

When in doubt, use Spongebob reaction photos to describe out-of-context spoilers. We know what each of these images means in terms of Turning Red, and we have to say, the third image is absolutely spot-on.

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