When Was 'Sister Wives' Season 18 Filmed? Here's What Audiences Can Expect This Season

Separations and divorces between Kody Brown and the sister wives have been discussed since 2022. But when was Season 18 filmed?

Emma Saletta - Author

Aug. 20 2023, Published 12:48 p.m. ET

Things have been looking grim for Kody Brown over the last few months, and audiences will finally get to see just how drama-filled it's been for him and the whole family in Season 18 of Sister Wives. The season premiere on August 20, 2023 may be one for the ages, especially since Kody is meeting with his ex-wife Christine Brown.

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Unfortunately, Kody's other relationships are rocky as well, especially with Meri Brown and Janelle Brown. Just how rocky they are in Season 18 is a mystery, but now that things between Kody and almost all of his wives are over, the drama is bound to be a sight to see.

Separations and divorces have made the news over the last few years, including the news of Kody and Meri's split back in January 2023. However, like most reality shows, episodes are filmed months prior to its actual premiere date. Depending on when filming took place, Sister Wives fans may get a front row seat to the deterioration of all but one of Kody's relationships.

So, when did filming take place? We have the answer below!

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When 'Sister Wives' Season 18 started filmed, things were already looking ugly.

It was likely filming began in 2021 — but when? Since the first episode focuses on how the family is spending the holiday season, it appears that filming began in the October or November timeframe in 2021.

Christine had already left Kody, and Kody and Janelle were struggling — we now know that they remained together until around October of 2022 when they announced the separation.

It's not just Kody and Janelle who are on the rocks in Season 18. During the Season 18 trailer, Meri tells fellow sister wife Robyn Brown that Kody is "done with her." Interestingly enough, Meri doesn't seem too sad about it!

Meri announced on Instagram she and Kody decided to "permanently end their marriage" on January 10, 2023.

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When 'Sister Wives' Season 18 was filmed, one wife stuck around.

Kody is not having fantastic luck in the wife department at the moment, but one wife is still there for the long haul. Robyn not only is there for Meri during the Season 18 trailer, but she is seemingly heartbroken over the entire situation with the other wives.

"I wanted to sit on a porch with my sister wives with our kids and our grandkids," Robyn said while in tears.

Robyn also says, "Kody's going to do what Kody's going to do," which could mean that she sees the growing drama in the horizon. Robyn is still sticking by him — and Janelle and Kody's son Garrison Brown even says that Robyn can have him.

"We're all grown adults that don't need a father figure anymore," he says while speaking with Janelle, Christine, and his siblings.

All of the crumbling relationships taking place will likely result in multiple filming locations, as Kody and Robyn live in Arizona, and Christine, and possibly Meri, are in Utah.

Catch new episodes of Sister Wives Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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