Why Did Raquel Leviss Get Rid of Graham? James Kennedy Has the Dog Now

"Why in the hell did Rachel not give James the dog!? She knew James desperately missed him." Did Raquel really take Graham to a dog shelter?

Melissa Willets - Author

Feb. 22 2024, Published 10:47 a.m. ET

James Kennedy, Raquel Leviss, and Graham arrive at the 5th Annual World Dog Day at West Hollywood Park on Aug. 7, 2021
Source: Getty Images

When Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy broke off their engagement in 2021, their pup Graham ended up moving on with the soon-to-be disgraced Vanderpump Rules star, while having to say "goodbye" to his dog dad.

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But recently, it seems that Raquel decided to give up Graham, her once treasured companion. He eventually landed with her ex, happily, but that didn't happen immediately. Indeed, in true Raquel fashion, there was some serious dog drama involved. Here's what went down.

Raquel Leviss attends 4th Annual World Dog Day at West Hollywood Park with Graham on May 18, 2019
Source: Getty Images
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Why did Raquel give up Graham in the first place?

In July 2023, TMZ first reported that the fuzzy puppy was dropped off at a shelter.

He was reportedly experiencing behavioral problems, including biting. From there, the Vanderpump Dog Foundation got involved, and happily, the golden, curly canine got to go home to James.

James only found out that the dog was no longer living with his ex thanks to a mutual friend. He has Graham in training and the dog is no longer a danger to those around him.

And, as if to rub salt in a wound, we are now being treated to a slew of photos of Graham via James's Instagram.

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Adding insult to injury, James has been sure to include photos of his girlfriend, Ally Lewber, cuddling with the fuzzy rehabilitated hound.

Meanwhile, fans have some thoughts about the whole Graham situation.

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Fans are upset and happy that Raquel gave up Graham.

Vanderpump Rules viewers are invested in the Graham drama, which culminated in a reunion on film between the pooch and his dog dad.

As one demanded, "Why in the hell did Rachel not give James the dog!? She put it through all that trauma when she knew James desperately missed him. Poor Graham. So glad he’s back with James."

Even Kristin Chenoweth weighed in, commenting on James's Instagram, "I’m so glad you have him back. I just saw how it all happened. I’m furious with what’s her name. But thrilled you have him back!!"

Many fans admitted to crying upon seeing Graham, whose name is seemingly being changed to Hippie, trot down the stairs at James's home.

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Meanwhile, as many fans vented their anger about Raquel not contacting James about her issues with Graham, and resorting to dropping him at a shelter, some expressed concern over her mental state if she resorted to letting go of her beloved pet.

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Indeed, the reality star has had no shortage of low points in her life of late. She has been a social outcast ever since the affair with Tom Sandoval came to light.

As Raquel admitted in a New Year's post, "2023 hands down has been the hardest year yet. My life had become completely unmanageable and I was so far down the rabbit hole of making bad decisions that I NEEDED help."

She went on to allude to things getting better, and looking ahead to the future with hope. We're glad that Graham is safe and in a home where he's loved.

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