Zack’s Proposal Song on 'Love Is Blind' May Be the Cringiest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

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Mar. 30 2023, Published 8:45 p.m. ET

Zack Love Is Blind
Source: Netflix

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 4 of Love Is Blind.

We are already OBSESSED with Season 4 of Love Is Blind and are waiting with bated breathe for the next episode drop. To pass the time, we are reliving some of the the best moments that the first five episodes have served us: the mean girls, Kawme and Paul duking it out for the same girl, Tiffany and Brett being literally #goals, and then of course Zack's singing proposal.

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Despite our best efforts, we could not forget Zack singing a proposal song to Irina in the pods. And boy oh boy it was...something. In one of the most awkward moments ever, Zack sang a song he "wrote" to Irina, (through a wall, but we get it). But the thing is...did he write it?

Here's what we found out!

Did Zack really write his proposal song to Irina on 'Love Is Blind'?

Zach Proposal Song
Source: Netflix

Zach Proposal Song

Through the first two episodes of Love Is Blind, we watched Zack's battle between Bliss and Irina in his mind. As we know already, Zack decided to propose to Irina. But this wasn't an ordinary proposal. In addition to never having seen her before, he also decided to sing a proposal song.

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And not to be mean or anything, but objectively speaking it was one of the cringiest times that anyone has ever sung on a reality TV show. And that is saying a lot because singing, (unless you are in a singing competition), is always cringe.

Zack Proposal son

Before Zack actually gets down on one knee, he tells Irina, "So I wrote you a song..." and then continues to sing for a minute straight, (although he seems unclear of the melody and key, we digress):

I was aching, breaking down The bluest guy the blues had found As we lay in the pods I knew it was real My heart you would steal You found me all alone I found myself, a blarney stone Irina, you take my blues away Irina, you take my blues away I love you, forever, and ever, and ever, I do

As awkward as this moment is, what is even more weird is that Zack actually didn't even write the song...

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Source: Instagram

Zack Proposal Song

It turns out, the song is called "Sara's Song" by Ludo. The people of the internet did what the people of the internet do and found this out. Luckily, Ludo already knew and had given Netflix the permission to use it. In an Instagram and Tweet, Ludo posted that, "So many of you sending this our way. Thank you! Yes, we know and the show got our permission. Glad to know you guys are looking out for us!"

Zack responded on the Instagram posting commenting:

"I absolutely love you guys. I actually explain that this was not an original song and that I changed the lyrics to one of my favorite love songs. That was cut along with the rest of the song but a small portion. I also sang love me dead in the pods, probably should have sung that at the proposal instead of Sara’s song...

So, there you have it! The show must have edited the part out where Zack said he changed the lyrics to a song he loves. He's a lawyer guy, so he probably understands copyright issues.

As to that "dead in the pods" joke, that's funny after what we've seen happen between him and Irina. But there is hope for Zack left in the cliffhanger of Bliss walking through the restaurant door. Will Zack have a second chance at love with Bliss? Tune in to find out!

Make sure to catch the new season of Love Is Blind on Netflix.

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