Put Your Knowledge to the Test With This Patriotic Batch of 4th of July Trivia

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Jul. 3 2023, Updated 11:58 a.m. ET

American flag and fireworks display.
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The Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means it's time to gather around with your friends and family and make the most of the well-deserved day off. Now, whether you're planning on lounging around having a BBQ or heading out to see an annual firework show, there's always time to put your knowledge to the test!

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With that said, here are 40 of the most patriotic Fourth of July trivia questions and answers — try them out and let us know how it goes!

Statue of Liberty amidst a fireworks display.
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Here's a fun batch of Fourth of July trivia to quiz your family and friends!

1. When did America declare independence from Britain? July 4, 1776.

2. Where was the first Fourth of July celebration? Philadelphia.

3. Who made the first American flag? Betsy Ross.

4. Which state was the first to declare the Fourth of July an official holiday? Massachusetts.

5. Which U.S. president was born on July 4? Calvin Coolidge.

6. Who originally wrote the Declaration of Independence? The Committee of Five (John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman).

7. When did the USA adopt the 50-star version of the American flag? July 4, 1960.

8. Which newspaper first printed the Declaration of Independence? The Pennsylvania Evening Post.

9. What is the name of America's national anthem? "The Star-Spangled Banner."

10. How many times does Liberty Bell ring on July 4? 13 times.

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American flag cake.
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11. When did Congress vote for independence? July 2, 1776.

12. Who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence? John Hancock.

13. Where is the longest running Fourth of July parade? Bristol, R.I.

14. What year did Fourth of July become a paid federal holiday? 1938.

15. Which two U.S. presidents died on July 4 in the same year? Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

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16. What is the capital of the United States? Washington, D.C.

17. Which president served two nonconsecutive terms? Grover Cleveland.

18. Roughly how many fireworks are reportedly used on the Fourth of July? 14,000.

19. What is the national bird of the United States? The bald eagle.

20. What is the most played song on Fourth of July? "America the Beautiful."

A fireworks display goes off in the Boston skyline.
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21. What causes the most injuries on the Fourth of July? Fireworks.

22. How much money is reportedly spent on alcohol for the Fourth of July? More than $1.4 billion.

23. Who has the smallest signature on the Declaration of Independence? Button Gwinnett.

24. What is the Statue of Liberty's real name? Liberty Enlightening the World.

25. What was the Liberty Bell called before 1839? The State House Bell.

26. Where is the original Declaration of Independence document being kept? The National Archives Museum.

27. Which superhero was born on July 4? Captain America.

28. How many Americans were estimated to be traveling by car for the Fourth of July in 2022? 42 million.

29. When did the Statue of Liberty arrive in America? June 17, 1885.

30. What is the proper shape to fold the American flag? A triangular shape.

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Patriotic burgers for the 4th of July.
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31. How many people signed the Declaration of Independence? 56.

32. Roughly how many hot dogs are consumed on the Fourth of July? 150 million.

33. Roughly how much does America spend on fireworks for the Fourth of July? $1.5 billion.

34. When was the first Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest? July 4, 1916.

35. What fish is traditionally eaten on July 4? Atlantic salmon.

36. What did George Washington give to his soldiers to celebrate the Fourth of July? A double ration of rum.

37. Who holds the record for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest? Joey Chestnut.

38. How many stripes are on the American flag? 13.

39. Who won the first Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest? James Mullen.

40. Who signed the Declaration of Independence and then renounced it? Richard Stockton.

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