amanza smith ex husband selling sunset
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Amanza Smith Throws Shade on Ex-Husband in 'Selling Sunset'


May. 27 2020, Published 12:33 p.m. ET

We knew that the second season of Selling Sunset was going to be juicy, but we couldn't have imagined the levels of tea!

Longtime friend of Mary Fitzgerald and Jason Oppenheim, Amanza Smith has joined the cast of blondes for Season 2, which premiered May 22.

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We realized Amanza was going to be stirring the pot a lot this season, since the trailers ahead of the season already showed her saying she wasn't "intentionally bashing" the relationship of her fellow realtors. Yikes!

But when Amanza started to refer to her ex-husband's ways, how he dropped off the face of the earth and how Jason Oppenheim had to co-sign on her apartment, we became extremely curious about who she was talking about. So, who is Amanza Smith's ex-husband and father of her kids? Keep reading.

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amanza smith ex husband selling sunset
Source: netflix

Who is Amanza Smith's ex-husband?

Amanza had fans wondering about her ex-husband and father of her two children, Noah and Braker, who are 10 and 8. "When I met my ex-husband," she told cameras on the first episode of the season, "he was playing in the NFL."

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"It was pretty comfortable," the real estate rookie continued. "When we separated, my ex, unfortunately, couldn't even pay child support." She didn't get into many specifics and did note that her ex was a good father, when he was in the picture.

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However, she also addresses the fact that he fell off the grid and had lost contact with her and the kids. As the outlet Nicki Swift puts it, "He was so hard to communicate with that she mentioned looking into her legal options regarding child custody, so she wouldn't have to wait for him to sign off on urgent decisions involving their children."

Amanza married Ralph Brown in 2010.

Thanks to internet sleuths, Amanza's ex-husband has been identified as NFL player Ralph Brown. He played at the University of Nebraska until getting drafted to the New York Giants in 2000. "Those guys took me under their wing and showed me how to be a pro," he said during an interview on Where Are They Now in Sports, "showed me how to be a Giant and continue that tradition that was there."

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According to Nicki Swift and Spotrac, the football player earned over $2 million between 2007 and 2009. But it seems that that money might have disappeared over time, considering the fact that Amanza has been forced to support her two kids on her own. Since he's kind of off the map right now, it's hard to say where he is or whether he's managed to hold on to any of those riches.

amanza smith ex husband selling sunset
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From the comments on their wedding video, the realtor and former NFL player married in Indianapolis in 2010, but divorced a few years later. "That was 2010," one person wrote. "It's now 2014 and she's been with Taye Diggs for almost a year. Something about the tears with no smile and the way she leaned backwards both times her new husband went to kiss her kind of foreshadowed the debacle to come."

It's unclear when Amanza and Taye broke up, but by last summer of 2019, the All American star had confirmed to Extra that he was dating someone new.

As for Amanza, she has started branching out of real estate into interior design with a fun-loving flair, and her page for Kidterior Design has already amassed nearly 10k followers.

Watch Selling Sunset on Netflix.

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