The Best Talents to Carve Out Your Spell-Slinging Build in 'Hogwarts Legacy'

The best talents in 'Hogwarts Legacy' will revolutionize the way you play throughout the wizarding world, changing the characteristics of spells and more.

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Jun. 1 2023, Updated 4:57 p.m. ET

'Hogwarts Legacy' Student guarding attacks from dark wizards.
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J.K. Rowling has made numerous public anti-trans comments, and while she was not directly involved in the creation of Hogwarts Legacy, she is still likely to profit from the title.

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After progressing through the early hours of the main story quests in Hogwarts Legacy, players will unlock the Talents system to spend skill points earned from leveling their witch or wizard.

The Talents system offers role-playing flexibility that lets players choose from five pathways to twist the capabilities of combat spells or make potions and plants perform better.

Ultimately, players could acquire all 48 Talents in the game by reaching max level, but most are more likely to finish the main story before that happens.

That's why choosing the best Talents from the get-go will matter how your fifth-year handles if you're not keen on getting all the achievements in Hogwarts Legacy. We'll break down what Talents you should get as soon as possible.

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'Hogwarts Legacy' Student flying through the sky on a magical broom.
Source: Avalanche Studios

The best Talents in 'Hogwarts Legacy' are in the Core, Spells, and Dark Arts.

Unlike the situational Talents received from the Stealth and Room of Requirement trees, the Spells, Core, and Dark Arts pathways hold the best Talents that benefit any player build. Below is a list describing those Talents, including their level requirement and effects.

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Levioso Mastery: Spells5Enemies near a target levitated by Levioso are also levitated.
Accio Mastery: Spells5Enemies near a target summoned by Accio are also pulled to you.
Revelio Mastery: Core16Increases the range of Revelio.
Glacius Mastery: Spells16Striking an enemy frozen by Glacius blast damaging shards outward from the target.
Confringo Mastery: Spells5Confringo produces fiery bolts that seek enemy targets.

Stunning Curse: Dark Arts5Stupefy has the same effect as a curse on enemies, increasing damage taken.
Imperio Mastery: Dark Arts16An enemy under your control with Imperio curses other targets with each successful strike.
Crucio Mastery: Dark Arts16Striking an enemy cursed by Crucio releases a projectile that curses a nearby enemy.
Protego Mastery: Core22Perfect Protego releases a damaging blast that breaks enemy shields.
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Basic Cast Airborne Absorption: Core16Basic Cast impacts on airborne enemies contribute more to the Ancient Magic Meter.
Wiggenweld Potency I & II: Core5/16Wiggenweld heals you to a greater effect.
Spell Knowledge I, II, & III: Core5/16Unlocks new spell slots.
Blood Curse: Dark Arts5Dealing damage to a cursed target inflicts damage to all cursed targets.
Transformation Mastery: Spells22Enemies struck with a Transformation spell will transform into explosive objects.
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Avada Kedavra Mastery: Dark Arts22Killing an enemy with Avada Kedavra kills all cursed enemies.
Slowing Curse: Dark Arts16Arresto Momentum has the same effect as a curse on enemies, increasing damage taken.
Enduring Curse: Dark Arts16A cursed effect remains on an enemy for a longer period of time.
Curse Sapper: Dark Arts22Defeating a cursed enemy restores some of your health.

Some honorable mentions to keep in mind are Petrificus Totalus Mastery from the Stealth path and Maxima Potion Potency within the Room of Requirement Talent tree.

The Talents above are the shining beacons of the overall system, but there are plenty of passives you can choose to get like Evasion Absorption to build the Ancient Magic Meter or other masteries for a spell you like using.

Hogwarts Legacy becomes a manageable game once you have the right spells and Talents, so choose carefully.

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