Amanza Smith and Chrishell Stause Continued to Fight After Season 7 Finished Filming

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Nov. 7 2023, Updated 11:11 a.m. ET

amanza and chrishell apologizing to each other during the season 7 finale
Source: Netflix

Although it seemed like Amanza Smith and Chrishell Stause made up during the Season 7 finale, their feud actually went on for a few more months.

The Gist:

  • During Selling Sunset Season 7, Chrishell Stause and Amanza Smith have a falling out.
  • It started after Amanza called Chrishell out for not attending a group dinner in Cabo.
  • While they appeared to have resolved things by the end of Season 7, Amanza claims they continued to fight for a few more months.
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It's no secret that Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause has major beef with her co-star Nicole Young. But it was surprising to see Chrishell have a falling out with co-star and good friend Amanza Smith in Season 7.

The ladies' riff began during a work trip to Cabo and seemingly ended during the grand opening party for the new Oppenheim Group office in Los Angeles, Calif.

But apparently, more drama happened the cameras stopped rolling. The good news is that Chrishell and Amanza currently appear to be on good terms now, but it took them a while to get back there.

Let's review what started the drama between Chrishell and Amanza, how their feud transpired after filming stopped, and how they finally moved past this.

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amanza smith and chrishell stause
Source: Netflix

Why did Amanza and Chrishell start fighting?

During Season 7, Jason Oppenheim invites the L.A. office to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to check out the brokerage's newest office. He rents out a place for the agents to stay during the trip, but Chrishell and her co-star Emma Hernan decide not to stay with the group in order to avoid Nicole.

Amanza is upset that everyone can't get along and that Chrishell and Emma decided to separate themselves like that.

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While Chrishell and Emma do meet up with the rest of the group a few times during the trip, they are absent from one group dinner, which deeply upset Amanza.

While at the dinner, Amanza leaves a heated video message for Chrishell, calling her and Emma's absence “a little ridiculous.” She adds: "If it’s because of anything else other than maybe you had your leg severed off, I don’t see an excuse."

She also pointed out that Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet, who had just experienced a miscarriage, were present at the dinner.

This incident started the fight between Amanza and Chrishell.

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Chrishell did not take this message well. According to Amanza, she was "livid" and responded by firing her from a design project for her partner G-Flip that she had already put “hours of creative energy” into.

In a confession, Amanza said the following: “I flew to Cabo on a private jet and I’m going home with one less family member and fired from a design job because of a video that I called somebody out on for some s--- that she was doing that everybody saw and I’m the only one who spoke up."

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amanza and chrishell
Source: netflix

During the Season 7 finale, the ladies finally talked things out in person at the party for the opening of the new Oppenheim Group office and seemingly resolved things. Or so we thought.

This party for the new office was believed to be in April 2023, as that is when the office opened per the Instagram post below. And while Chrishell and Amanza may have briefly been cool in April 2023, their peace didn't last long as they were on bad terms again the following month.

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Amanza Smith admitted to blocking Chrishell Stause on Instagram after Season 7 finished filming.

In May 2023, Season 6 of Selling Sunset premiered and fans noticed that Amanza and Chrishell no longer followed each other on Instagram.

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It wasn't long before Amanza admitted to a fan that she did indeed block Chrishell, which took many for a loop, as the ladies appeared to be fine during Season 6.

But the fact of the matter was that their relationship was experiencing turbulence in real life, which began with the dinner incident in Cabo that we saw in Season 7, and seemingly didn't end at the new office party.

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Many assumed that Amanza may have unfollowed Chrishell after what transpired between her and her good friend Nicole during Season 6. But Amanza shut down those rumors immediately: “Nicole has been my dear friend for 11 years and T and Nicole‘s beef has nothing to do with me,” Amanza wrote at the time.

For context, when Amanza says "T," she is referring to Chrishell, whose first name is Terrina.

In the same comment, Amanza continued: “No one even sees anything between T and I on season six so definitely don’t worry my loyalty lies with the people that I believe, are honest, genuine, and kind. I’ll leave it at that."

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In another comment discussing the drama, Amanza noted that in "due time," she'll reveal what happened between her and Chrishell.

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instagram comments
Source: Instagram / @amanzasmith

Amanza Smith brought up feud with Chrishell in Instagram post about being cancer-free.

Also during Season 6, Amanza learned that her doctors found something in her uterus that would require further attention. “There’s a wide array of things that it could be, and then the one thing that we pray and hope that it’s not," the mom of two said during an episode, seemingly referring to cancer which ran in her family.

Her exact medical details are unknown, but on May 22, 2023, Amanza confirmed on Instagram she was cancer-free.

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In her post, which both celebrates the good news while also remembering those who have lost their battle with cancer, Amanza mentions Chrishell.

"I know that it is very public that Chrishell and I have our own little feud right now however, I also know that she too, has suffered a great deal of pain by losing loved ones from this terrible awful disease," she writes.

"It affects everyone involved in a very heartbreaking way. Let’s celebrate life on this post and I urge you to please if you are going to comment make this one, the one that you bite your tongue and only make it positive." As a refresher, Chrishell lost both her parents Renée and Jeff Stause, to lung cancer.

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Amanza confirmed that she and Chrishell didn't resolved their drama until she was admitted to the hospital in June 2023.

Amanza revealed that her beef with Chrishell wasn't actually fully resolved until after she went into the hospital.

“Before I went into the hospital, I had a falling out with my dear friend Chrishell. I never have had a falling out like this with anybody,” Amanza said on a September 2023 episode of the Whine Down With Jana Kramer podcast.

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“We had a misunderstanding. It happened kind of during season 7 [of Selling Sunset] and then it carried on a little bit afterward — a lot afterward. And I felt really really strongly about it like I was done. I was done with her, I didn’t like the way she moved through this situation that we had been in. I was very vocal about it.”

amanza and chrishell viewing a property with jason in season 7
Source: Netflix
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In June 2023, Amanza was admitted to the hospital for severe lower back pain. She later learned that she had a blood infection that spread to her spine called osteomyelitis.

As Amanza further said on the podcast: “When I was in the hospital, [Chrishell] reached out to me and it made me so emotional and I wrote her back. In my head, I was like, ‘What the f--k are we even arguing about?’ We’ve talked since and we’re good,” she recounted. “I don’t even think I have one ounce of anything in me that could feed into any of … I mean, I can’t think of what would be a big enough reason to like really give two s--ts about some of the drama.”

In an interview with People, Amanza shared that her doctors later informed her that if she had spent "one or two more days at home," she "could have been dead."

She was released from the hospital in July 2023. That said, Chrishell and Amanza resolved things in either June or July 2023. They have since been on good terms and currently follow each other on Instagram.

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