This Friend Group Meal Delivery Hack Wins in So Many Ways — "You Will Never Go Back"

Melissa Willets - Author

Published Sep. 13 2023, 12:32 p.m. ET

If shopping for ingredients and preparing meals for your family night after night is a lot, meet a TikTok creator and mom who shares content using the handle @allisonbcarlson.

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She swears by her friend group meal delivery hack, and who knows? This meal planning approach just may save your life — or make you realize how happy you are to not be sucked into a cycle like this.

Read on for details and make up your mind on whether this friend group meal delivery hack is for you.

Here's how the friend group meal delivery hack works.

As Allison explains in her TikTok, which has been viewed over 896,000 times and received over 1,150 comments, she has teamed up with three other families to make meals for the entire group on a rotating basis.

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So, this week on her night to make meals for four families including her own, Allison shopped for the ingredients and prepared a giant batch of — wait for it — breakfast pasta. More on that particular choice in a moment.

First, it's important to note that while she delivers her homemade meal to each family on her night, on the other nights of the week, Allison's family does absolutely nothing.

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Her friends plan meals for her family, and then hand deliver them to her front door. That means less shopping, less cooking, and more leftovers. The mom also claims that her family saves money because they eat at home most nights, and always have leftovers.

Many commenters were not fans of a dish called breakfast pasta.

The merits of this friend group meal delivery hack aside, the aspect of this mom's TikTok that most commenters found the most interesting was the meal that Allison picked that week.

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Commenters said things like, "Someone making me breakfast pasta is the exact reason I wouldn't sign up for something like this."

"Breakfast pasta... did you get this recipe from Buddy the Elf?" questioned someone else.

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And, hilariously (and relatably for many of us), other commenters joked about how large this creator's social circle is.

"Step one: make friends," one TikTok user noted. "People have three friends?" asked another more solitary person.

Other folks felt like this approach of prepping meals for multiple families was just too much work. "I don't even want to cook for my own family," commented one such person.

Meanwhile, even more commenters demanded to see this meal hack in action — and our faithful TikTok creator was only too happy to oblige.

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When Allison's friend Megan was about to arrive for her night of meal delivery, Allison took followers along as she greeted Megan, who was all too happy to show off her admittedly delicious looking hot dishes, at her minivan.

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Many commenters couldn't help but weigh in that on Megan's night, it sure seemed like she had a lot of work to do fix all that food and then drive it around to three different houses.

"It is a bit of work to make and deliver the foods but so worth it to have dinner brought to you the other nights without lifting a finger," the creator affirmed.

Meanwhile, if you want to follow along with Allison, she promises to share her breakfast pasta recipe soon. OK, we'll be waiting! Here's hoping that the creator redeems herself when she shares the controversial recipe.

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