Jaden Smith Is the Latest Meme Target After Interview Clip Goes Viral Online

A clip from a 2018 interview featuring Jaden Smith has become the latest viral meme on Twitter. Here are some of our favorite memes about the topic.

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Apr. 20 2022, Published 12:19 p.m. ET

Jaden Smith
Source: Getty Images / Twitter ( @wiaaaa___, @kiranmayeet, @HendrixxKev)

A clip from a 2018 interview between Big Boy TV and Jaden Smith has made the rounds on social media, and the 23-year-old son of Will and Jada is at the center of some of the most iconic memes on Twitter.

In the 29-second video, Jaden reveals he always got along more with adults than those his age, stating that his upbringing allowed him to pick up things and ultimately altered his perspective on political and global issues.

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Later, he criticized his generation for being too engrossed in the digital world. He questioned why people his age act this way, adding that he wants them to "talk about the political and economic state of the world."

Although Jaden has done plenty regarding environmental sustainability, that's not enough to avoid the internet's wrath. As a result, Jaden is now the latest target of meme culture — check out some of our favorites below!

Jaden Smith performs during The Freedom Experience presented by 1DayLA.
Source: Getty Images

If someone as much as touches the remote, Jaden will wreak havoc.

After the CNN anchor abruptly stops discussing the stock market and the presidential campaign, Jaden grows confused. But, once the TV starts blaring, "Go, go, Power Rangers," all he can see is red. Jaden is full of immense rage, and no one can stop him.

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Just making sure I don't fit in ...

Our beloved Spider-Man is temporary, but the "political and economic state of the world" is forever.

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At least Jaden got out of there before the kids started crying.

And when the kids head home after school and cry to their parents, it'll all be worth it!

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Nerd alert!!!

Jaden is officially in his nerd era. All he wants to do is force teenagers to talk about some of the most depressing subjects in the world. Meanwhile, adults don't even like discussing this stuff, so ultimately, his hopes and dreams will fail.

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Never play children's games in the presence of Jaden Smith.

Once someone says, "Duck, Duck ... Goose!" it's over for them because Jaden would seriously cancel recess to throw together a last-minute assembly in hopes of pushing his views onto 5-year-old kids.

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Jaden is taking PowerPoint Night to a whole new level.

Recently, PowerPoint nights have become a popular trend within friend groups. However, Jaden's friends better steer clear of this game during hangouts, or else they will be in for quite a dismal and dull evening.

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"Oh brother, this guy stinks!"

This tweet still has us in tears from laughing so hard. Sure, Jaden might be trying to show he's different from others in his generation, but what 6-year-old is worried about the problems our world faces? Not many.

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It's giving Debbie Downer vibes.

Imagine you're just trying to let loose and forget about the issues around you, only to see the oh-so wise Jaden Smith heading your way to discuss the "political and economic state of the world"? Honestly, leave the area immediately.

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Cheng lived long enough to become the hero.

OK, now we understand why Cheng was fighting Dre Parker all the time in 2010'sThe Karate Kid ... just kidding. However, several Twitter users jokingly agreed that Jaden's character "deserved every punch he got, especially that knee to the leg."

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Just nod and smile, kids ...

Can we please just let the kids play with their toys and enjoy their childhood? They can worry about the world once they're old enough to understand certain concepts and issues. But, if they find themselves somehow involved in an adult conversation, we highly suggest smiling and nodding — it works every time.

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