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These Memes of Lizzo Holding a Tiny Purse Are Way Too Relatable



Between you and me, I didn't get a chance to watch the American Music Awards (AMAs) in its entirety this past weekend. I did, however, catch a glimpse of Lizzo's outfit, and it was truly legendary — the "Juice" singer strutted her stuff down the red carpet in a bright orange dress — looking fly as heck — while toting a totally meme-worthy miniature purse. 


And since the award show aired this past weekend, the tiny accessory has become a hilarious meme. I mean, what was she carrying in that thing? Does it represent all of our hopes and dreams? Maybe our motivation to get s--t done today, or the amount of patience I have prior to the holidays? Be sure to check out the best Lizzo purse memes on the internet right now  — they are way too relatable.

Lizzo purse memes that will make you laugh:

2. Lizzo is all of us at Thanksgiving this year

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TBH, to accurately represent the amount of patience I have this holiday season, Lizzo may need to get an even smaller bag.

3. When it's an accurate representation of certain airline guidelines...

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Sorry ma'am, but if your bag is larger than a pea it's an extra $500.

4. Because Lizzo and SpongeBob are kindred spirits

Was this the look Lizzo was going for? Probably not — she was definitely going for originality on this one — but clearly, SpongeBob was thinking ahead when he purchased that tiny bag. A tiny purse pioneer, if you will.

5. New Year, new me!!!!

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The amount of f--ks I'm about to give after the clock strikes midnight this New Year's Eve will literally fit into that purse. New Year, new me, y'all.

6. Because really, who has the patience for any of that?

LOL all of my favorite things! Now excuse me while I exert all of the "patience" I have left in that department.

7. Not today, satan

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This is me every time I step onto an over-crowded subway. No, thank you.

8. When Lizzo's bag represents your $$$

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I mean, think about it: Lizzo's tiny purse can probably fit three dimes... so yeah, that's probably accurate.

9. When any minor convenience sends you spiraling

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Starbucks is out of almond milk? I think I need to go home.

10. Lizzo calling out Twitter's trust issues

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Again, we may need a smaller bag, girl.

11. The tiny purse comes in handy for those quarter-operated shopping carts

Fans don't know what the tiny purse is for? It's for shopping at Aldi, get with it.

12. Sometimes, you've just about had it

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Don't worry, Christmas is only... 29 days away!

13. When productivity is at an all-time low

Definitely not planning to exceed anyone's expectations today.

14. Thank God for Jo-Bros

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This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for Nick Jonas' abs.

Between Lizzo's killer performance, and — of course — her itty bitty bag, the "Truth Hurts" singer definitely slayed the AMAs. Did she know the tiny purse would be extremely meme-worthy, or are small accessories in now? Truth be told, I might have to get one for myself now... these are just too good.

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