All the Highlights From the 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 "Live" Reunion

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Apr. 16 2023, Updated 10:59 p.m. ET

Nick and Vanessa Lachey in their reunion looks
Source: Netflix

Season 4 of Love Is Blind has been the most dramatic season of the Netflix reality dating show yet.

From cheating rumors to a double proposal (we're looking at you Zack), there was no shortage of surprising moments — and the live reunion episode did not disappoint (when it finally dropped on Netflix ... IYKYK).

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Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the couples were grilled about everything that happened on (and off) camera and got to the bottom of some major mysteries, like did Jackie ever return her ring?

Here is a roundup of all the highlights from the Love Is Blind Season 4 reunion:

Chelsea finally met Kwame's mother.

Chelsea and Kwame at the Love Is Blind reunion
Source: Netflix

Despite not getting his mother's approval, Kwame decided to get married to Chelsea. Now, it seems that he finally got it because Chelsea revealed that she has met Kwame's mother and extended family.

Also, Vanessa Lachey dispelled rumors that Kwame's sister Barbara was a paid actress and not his sibling in real life.

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Speaking of parents ... Zack and Bliss's dad are now BFFs.

There was no denying that Bliss's dad was not a fan of Zack at first. However, Bliss shared that not only are Zack and her dad friends and talk constantly, but her dad is also paying for their honeymoon in Panama.

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Irina apologized for bullying other contestants in the pods.

Irina at the Love Is Blind reunion; Bliss and Zack at the Love Is Blind reunion
Source: Netflix

Holding back (crocodile) tears, Irina seemed apologetic for her mean-girl behavior on the show.

"I know it's not the person I want to be and I'm not," Irina said on the show. She also apologized for the way she treated Zack and is rooting for Zack and Bliss as a couple.

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Zack called out Irina for going on 'Love Is Blind' for the wrong reasons.

While Zack did forgive Irina, he did call her out for going on the show for fame, and not for love.

"You did a lot of things that hurt a lot of people, including me," Zack said. "If we are real, you went on the show to get famous. But look, I forgive you. I don't hold anything against you. ... I really believe Irina you will become an amazing person one day."

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Irina texted Bliss that she "dodged a bullet."

Zack and Irina in Mexico on 'Love Is Blind.'
Source: Netflix

Another shocking revelation from the reunion was that Irina sent Bliss a text from Mexico, telling her she "dodged a bullet" when it comes to Zack.

"That was completely out of line for me to say," Irina responded. "Nothing I did was OK. ... I'm so sorry. I've never treated someone so poorly."

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Paul denied grabbing Micah's bridesmaid's butt on their wedding day.

Paul called the cheating rumors "absurd" and said he just bumped into Micah's friend Ruby.

We don't know if we believe him.

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Micah reacted to Paul's comments that she wouldn't be a good mother.

Paul at the Love Is Blind reunion; Micah at the Love Is Blind reunion
Source: Netflix

Calling his comments "the worst thing that could have been said" about her, Micah broke down in tears when Vanessa asked about her reaction to Paul's comments after their non-wedding day that he could not imagine her as a mom.

"To hear him say that ... it was just a shock," Micah said. "It hurt." Paul apologized and said he could have phrased it better, but reiterated that he did not see a nurturing side in Micah.

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Micah said her friend Shelby had "terrible delivery."

Micah defended her friend, Shelby, despite the negative criticism from fans. According to Micah, Shelby just didn't want her to get heartbroken again but had "terrible delivery."

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Zack claimed that Micah never had plans to marry Paul and is out for "blood."

Paul and Micah on the patio
Source: Netflix

According to Zack, women on the show told him that Micah never had plans to marry Paul because "very rarely did Micah mention actually getting married to Paul."

However, no one confessed to being the person to tell Zack.

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Micah and Paul tried to date after the show ... but it was brief.

Micah and Paul did try to date after their failed wedding, but it ended shortly after since Micah had to leave for Arizona. However, Paul did visit her there before ending things officially.

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Not surprising, Jackie and Josh did not show up to the reunion.

Cast members of Love Is Blind at Chelsea's birthday party
Source: Netflix

After being in the middle of a love triangle with Marshall and Josh, Jackie made the decision to not attend the reunion along with Josh.

However, Vanessa did talk to them over Zoom and Jackie addressed the editing of the show.

"I have grown," Jackie said. "I would like to clear up some things. ... I broke up with Marshall before I saw Josh at the coffee shop. ... I take accountability for my words and actions, and I hope he would do the same. We just were not meant to be."

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Jackie still has her ring!

Jackie still has her engagement ring from Love Is Blind — and claimed that Marshall wanted the ring back because he wanted to propose to another contestant from the show.

Marshall did reveal that he dated Kacia after the show, but it didn't work out.

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Marshall denied calling Jackie a "derogatory term."

Marshall at the Love Is Blind reunion
Source: Netflix

Marshall brought up Jackie's leaked text messages as proof that she was the one name-calling in the relationship — and claimed he only made a joke about Jackie's "strong jawline" implying she could have been born a male. (Still, not a great look on his part.)

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Zack wrote (and performed) an original song for Bliss.

Zack showed his love for his wife by singing an original song he wrote for her — and it is a must-listen.

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Kwame still has his couch ... but he's not sleeping on it.

Chelsea and Kwame on the infamous couch.
Source: Netflix

The infamous couch from Kwame's bachelor pad has since been moved to the couple's new apartment. However, Kwame made it very clear he does not sleep on it anymore!

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Bartise made an appearance with his baby boy.

Bartise brought his son on the show to ask the cast who would join him in parenthood.

So, who will give "Aunty Vanessa" the first Love Is Blind baby? Brett and Tiffany made it very clear they are not rushing into becoming parents.

Stream Love Is Blind Season 4 and the reunion on Netflix.

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