'Love Is Blind' Season 4's Drama-Filled Live Reunion Sparked Hilarious Reactions

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Apr. 17 2023, Updated 2:46 p.m. ET

Jackie hugging Josh; Jackie hugging Marshall
Source: Netflix

The fourth season of Netflix reality dating show Love Is Blind was the messiest one yet. But in spite of a failed engagement (ahem, Zack and Irina), some concerning inter-couple flirting (ahem, Micah and Kwame), a straight-up breakup before the altar (ahem, Jackie and Marshall), and an ill-timed nap (ahem, Tiffany), the season ended with three whole weddings where the couples said, "I do."

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Needless to say, fans were champing at the bit to watch the live reunion since we, as the legendary Marie Kondo would say, "love mess." And mess there was. Naturally, the internet came through with hilarious, quippy reactions to the Love Is Blind reunion. Here are our favorite jokes and memes!

A new version of the Sunday Scaries

The Sunday Scaries took on a whole new meaning when the Love Is Blind reunion and Succession aired on the same night. There's only so much intense family drama we can handle in one evening, right? Wrong. Give all of it to us.

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Technical difficulties

When the reunion didn't start promptly at 8 p.m. and Netflix wasn't loading for many users, the internet, um, how do we say this, lost its s--t. The streaming service acknowledged the issue on Twitter.

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Netflix servers = overloaded

Netflix may not have been prepared for just how many people needed to see if Kwame and Chelsea were actually still together. It was ... a lot of people.

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We're waiting!

Shayne (Love Is Blind Season 3) is all of us.

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Lucia to the rescue

If there's one person who could fix Netflix's issues, it's Lucia the seamstress, who tailored Brett's pants in the 11th hour before his wedding to Tiffany. AOC gets it.

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The Blockbuster shade

Remember renting VHS tapes? Remember when there weren't a million different streaming services with a million different shows, and we weren't paralyzed by choice? Yeah, we don't remember either.

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Half a day of skiing

Gwyneth doesn't have time for this, and neither do we!

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Live TV is an everyday part of Hulu's service. The shade here is just tremendous.

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Goodbye, sweet Netflix

The Succession/Love Is Blind crossover tweets are something we didn't know we needed, but now that they are here, it's hard to remember what life was like without them.

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We'll see you when we see you, 'Love Is Blind' reunion.

Well, internet, that was fun. While there were reports of some people being able to catch the reunion, Netflix finally updated everyone and said that they would film it and release it "as soon as humanly possible."

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Kwame and Chelsea's relationship = 'Hunger Games'

Once viewers were able to access the reunion, they had thoughts about the way Kwame and Chelsea seemed together. But the couple is still going strong, so here's hoping their love is genuine!

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Reviews are in!

And for some, it was a disappointment. The drama of the actual reunion simply couldn't top the drama of the live stream not working. Sorry not sorry.

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Let Marshall speak!

The consensus seems to be that the drama existed, but it was skirted in one way or another. Who let Jackie off the hook?

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'Love Is Blind' villains ranked

Hard to disagree with this ranking. Maybe Vanessa doesn't deserve the top spot, but she definitely makes the list, if not for cutting Nick off repeatedly then for constantly hounding the newly married couples about when they are going to have babies.

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