'Rock the Block' Season 3 Winners Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson Talk "Hardest Part of the Competition" (EXCLUSIVE)

Stephanie Harper - Author

Apr. 7 2022, Updated 2:12 p.m. ET

Season 3 of Rock the Block turned up the heat in the Charleston area of South Carolina. This time around, new HGTV experts took part in some good old-fashioned and super-competitive transformational fun.

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In 2019, Season 2 of Rock the Block featured four pairs of brilliant individuals battling it out with home renovations and remodels. After weeks of hard work, 100 Day Dream Home stars Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt ended up taking home the title.

Now, it’s time to say hello to the new reigning champs of Rock the Block.

In an exclusive interview with Distractify, the winners of Season 3 broke down their initial reactions to the news.

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Who won Season 3 of 'Rock the Block' on HGTV?

Rock the Block Season 3 featured four tight-knit teams. The reason the pairs this season were so close is that they're actually family.

Egypt Sherrod and husband Mike Jackson from Married to Real Estate arrived with their keen eye for detail.

Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb from the Pacific Northwest aren’t just real estate queens — they’re also twin sisters.

Dave and Jenny Marrs are the husband-and-wife duo from Arkansas who know all about renovating fixer-uppers into fab places to live on their show Fixer to Fabulous.

Bargain Block stars Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas arrived from Detroit with their top-tier building skills. They’ve also been a couple for nine years!

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'Rock the Block' Season 3
Source: HGTV

Each dynamic duo did an incredible job throughout Season 3, but only one pair took home the title. "Rock the Block, in the end, is about total appraised value," said host Ty Pennington in the finale. "Appraising your homes in their totality is what matters today ... There is just a $25,000 difference between the value of your four houses."

"Originally, the houses were valued at $500,000 each. Then we gave everybody $225,000 to design and finish the homes," explained judge Drew Scott. "So, all in, the investment is $725,000. Well, I am happy to announce that the winning house was appraised at $931,000."

After analyzing and ogling all of the finished products, the judges crowned Egypt and Mike — who named their home "Destiny" — as the winners of Season 3!

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"We were both surprised because I don't think you can tell on TV but our backs [were] slightly turned. So we couldn't tell which house the fireworks were actually going [off]," Egypt told Distractify.

Additionally, the HGTV star revealed that the production team purposefully tried to throw the competitors off by having fireworks go off at different houses prior to filming.

Though the duo may have been surprised that they nabbed the No. 1 spot, it seems being named the winner of Rock the Block was destiny.

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'Rock the Block' Season 3 winners Egypt and Mike told us about the "hardest" part of the competition.

With time constraints, managing your budget, oh, and Ty Pennington's "curveballs," competing on Rock the Block is no easy task.

For the winners of Season 3, Egypt explained to us that "the unknowns" were the "hardest part of the competition, the unexpected things that happen."

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When the HGTV host would throw design details that must be incorporated into the finished product, Egypt said it was challenging to "be more flexible design-wise" versus the concept that she initially had in her head.

As for Mike, aside from working 24 hours straight, he revealed that the most challenging aspect of the competition was his "lack of tools."

He added, "I didn't know we were allowed to bring the entire garage if we needed to. That and the fact that we were shooting our show at the same time, we were under crunch time. So not to have the right tools and [being] on crunch time ..."

"It was crazy," Egypt said.

'Rock the Block' Season 3
Source: HGTV
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Though working on two shows simultaneously while balancing their personal life can be a bit difficult, the HGTV power couple wouldn't have it any other way.

"Working with someone you love ... you're doing what you love with the person you love," Mike said. "And you get to accomplish all of these visions and all of these ideas that you have, and seeing them come to pass knowing that you did it together."

He added, "And for me, that's an amazing feeling."

Reporting by Gabrielle Bernardini

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