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TikTok star Nessa Barrett may have gone viral for her lip sync videos, but the Puerto Rican beauty can also sing IRL. She released her debut single "Pain" in July 2020. Like most TikTok stars, she has also had her share of controversies, most notably when she was allegedly sent NSFW messages from Chase Hudson while he was dating Charli D'Amelio. Nessa's boyfriend at the time, Josh Richards, released a diss track calling out Chase in 2020.  She was also called out for dancing with a Quran on TikTok. 

Full Name: Janesa Barrett

Birthday: August 6, 2002

Relationship Status: Dating Jaden Hossler, previously linked to Josh Richards

Instagram: @nessabarrett

TikTok: @nessaabarrett

Net Worth: $1 million

Fun Fact: Nessa has a younger brother named Julian

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    Get to Know TikTok Star Nessa Barrett

    Nessa Barrett has been widely talked about after her drama with Chase Hudson, but does Nessa have any siblings? How did she get famous?
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