Love Beyond Borders: These '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' Couples Are Still Together

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Nov. 30 2023, Published 11:49 a.m. ET

90 Day The Other Way Couples still together
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In the roller coaster that is TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, love often clashes with visa deadlines, and not all the couples make it to the altar. Unfortunately, many couples get caught up in differences — take, for instance, when Brittany showed up to Jordan with champagne, ready to party with Yazan whose religion forbids alcohol!

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Those who manage to say “I do” captured our hearts, but how many are still together? Here are 11 couples that are still going strong.

Ariela & Biniyam (Seasons 1 and 2)

Ari, Bini, and son from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
Source: Instagram/@arieladanielle

Ari, Bini, and their son

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre are OGs of this list! Their love story transcended continents and cultures. After initially going on The Other Way, Ariela relocated to the U.S. for their son's surgery. After finally getting his visa approved, Biniyam was able to join her, and the couple is still happily married and living in Las Vegas.

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Sumit & Jenny (Seasons 1–3)

Sumit and Jenny are also OGs, and their love story has been one of the most dramatic in 90 Day Fiancé history. Overcoming cultural differences and the revelation of Sumit's previous marriage, the couple managed to persevere. Today, Sumit and Jenny are still together and living their best lives in India. Their journey continues to captivate audiences, proving that love can indeed conquer all.

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Tim & Melyza (Season 2)

Tim and Melyza's relationship faced scrutiny and doubt, especially when Melyza wasn't seen wearing her engagement ring on social media. However, the couple has maintained a private life after their time on the show. In September 2023, Tim and Melyza welcomed their first child together, signaling a new chapter in their journey. The couple's commitment to privacy leaves fans eagerly anticipating more updates on their growing family.

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Kenny & Armando (Seasons 2, 3, and 5)

Kenny and Armando's heartwarming love story unfolded across multiple seasons of The Other Way. The challenges they faced included the complexities of surrogacy and potential moves. Despite the obstacles, Kenny and Armando remain a united and loving couple. With their two-year anniversary celebrated in May 2023, their commitment and enduring bond inspire fans worldwide.

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Ellie & Victor (Season 3)

Ellie Rose and Victor McLean's journey on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way was marked by challenges, especially regarding their financial situation and living arrangements. Despite these hurdles, the couple surprised fans with a casual yet heartfelt wedding in Seattle. Documented on the spinoff 90 Day Diaries, Ellie and Victor celebrated their first anniversary in June 2022. While Ellie has been less active on Instagram, her posts suggest a commitment to the relationship, leaving fans eager to see what the future holds for this enduring pair.

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Gabe & Isabel (Season 4)

Gabe and Isabel's love story made history as the first trans couple featured on the show. Their relationship faced unique pressures, but Gabe's openness about his identity and Isabel's acceptance strengthened their bond. Celebrating their one-year anniversary in November 2023, Gabe and Isabel continue to break barriers and inspire others with their love story. The couple's journey highlights the importance of understanding and acceptance in a relationship.

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Nicole & Mahmoud (Seasons 3 and 4)

Nicole and Mahmoud's journey was marked by cultural differences, particularly Mahmoud's strict views on Nicole's clothing choices. Despite heated discussions and potential setbacks, we have no reason to believe that the two have split. all involve Mahmoud, and in the photos, you can see that the two are in Egypt. However, as of this writing, Nicole hasn't posted anything new since April 2023.

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Tejaswi & Kimberly (Season 5)

Tejaswi and Kimberly's wedding journey was filled with cultural nuances and expectations. Despite disagreements and challenges, the couple shared their love on social media, expressing optimism for the future. The episodes depicted the couple's struggles with cultural differences, providing a glimpse into the complexities they faced. As they continue to navigate their unique love story, fans eagerly await updates on Tejaswi and Kimberly's journey.

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Holly & Wayne (Season 5)

Holly Weeks is a fairy-tale-obsessed barber from Utah who found love with Wayne McLean, an entrepreneur from Johannesburg. Despite concerns about safety in South Africa, the couple got married in October 2023. Holly's TikTok post featuring her husband showcases their continued connection, while Wayne's Instagram presence reinforces their commitment to each other. The couple's willingness to face challenges head-on reflects their determination to make their fairy-tale romance last.

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Shekinah & Sarper (Season 5)

Shekinah and Sarper's whirlwind romance in Turkey raised eyebrows, with friends warning Shekinah about Sarper's playboy reputation. Despite initial skepticism, the couple is still together and actively sharing their love on Instagram. Their posts, including videos of them kissing, indicate a strong connection. While challenges were evident on the show, Shekinah and Sarper's social media presence suggests they've overcome obstacles and are thriving in their relationship.

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Brandan & Mary (Season 5)

Brandan and Mary faced relationship milestones, including an engagement, while navigating challenges. Despite opposition from friends and family, the couple tied the knot in July 2023. The revelation of Mary's pregnancy added another dimension to their story, with both expressing excitement on social media. The couple's willingness to overcome obstacles and build a life together reinforces their commitment to each other.

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