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An In-Depth Look at Jeffree Star's Love Life Since His Split With Nathan Schwandt



Among the many shocking things that have happened in 2020 thus far, one of the most upsetting (pop culture-wise) was Jeffree Star's nasty breakup. The makeup guru and his longtime boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, parted ways after dating for several years, parenting several dogs, and living in a $14.6 million mansion together for quite a while.

About four months have passed since the celebrity couple split, and at this point, fans are starting to wonder if Jeffree Star has a new boyfriend, or if he's taking some time to heal from his previous relationship — here's what we know right now, regarding the YouTube star's love life (or lack thereof).

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Does Jeffree Star have a new boyfriend?

In February 2020, just one month after Jeffree and Nathan broke up, rumors that Jeffree had moved on and started dating someone else — namely Mmmmitchell, (aka Mitchell Halliday) — were spreading like wildfire. However, Jeffree was quick to shut down those rumors almost instantaneously, when Mitchell appeared in one of his videos, according to PopBuzz.

"So, me and Mitchell were watching the sun rise – not set – for some reason some channels and news sites popped up like, 'Is this Jeffree's rebound?' All jokes aside, the last thing I'm trying to do is be in a relationship with anyone. Me and Mitchell are really close friends... So today we are going to create a really sickening look – no, we are not sleeping together," Jeffree explicitly stated in the video. Clearly, they're just friends and nothing more.

For a while, fans thought Jeffree and Nathan started secretly dating again.

In an Instagram Story that Jeffree had posted a mere few days after his breakup video dropped, fans apparently noticed that Nathan was in the background of one of them. Obviously, this led to endless rumors that the two were secretly dating, but the YouTuber denied it immediately, and also shutdown rumors that Nathan had moved on, with a woman. 

Clearly, the 34-year-old is not currently dating anyone — in fact, he essentially stated that he's "on the rebound," some might say. Earlier this month on March 9, the beauty blogger tweeted that he had hookups lined up, as he had "three NBA players in [his] DMs," thanking the public for their apparent "concerns." We are absolutely loving the shade, Jeffree — get it!

Jeffree says he and Nathan broke up because of the death of their dog.

In a breakup video, Jeffree said the death of their dog apparently took a major toll on their relationship, and it ultimately influenced their breakup, according to Cheat Sheet.

“We haven’t processed our dogs fully because this lifestyle is so crazy and we’re always on to the next thing. We were both so busy being there for each other that we forgot to be here for ourselves, and that’s what 2020 is — focusing on ourselves," he said.

Jeffree seems to be living the single life and loving it right now. As long as he's happy, though, we're happy! 

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