Apple TV Plus's 'Platonic' Has a Different Theme Song Every Week — Don't Worry, We Know All of Them

What is the theme song for Apple TV Plus’s ‘Platonic’? Every episode features a different theme song by a different artist, so we have the answers.

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Jul. 13 2023, Updated 2:29 p.m. ET

Aside from Ted Lasso, no one’s favorite streaming service was Apple TV Plus. However, with recent hits like Shrinking and Severance, it’s become a reliable one we can always go to for incredible performances and top-tier jokes. The latest light-hearted, yet emotional, romp, Platonic, stars Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan as old friends who are reconnecting after years apart.

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But no one song can capture their relationship as it changes and grows throughout the series. So Platonic is taking a risk that only a few series have ever dared accomplished. It has a new theme song every episode. So what are all of Platonic’s theme songs?

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan in 'Platonic'
Source: Apple TV Plus

‘Platonic’ Episode 1, “Pilot” — “Next to Normal” by Lucius

Seth Rogan in Platonic / Lucius
Source: Apple TV Plus / Getty Images

This Lucius song begins with the lyrics, “I’ve lost some friends along the way,” which is fitting, considering the fact that Sylvia and Will lost each other as friends before the episode. Indie pop band Lucius is considered one of the best live acts by Rolling Stone, has been nominated for three Grammys, and has had songs featured in New Girl and Grey’s Anatomy.

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‘Platonic’ Episode 2, “Gandalf the Lizard” — “Lost in the Sound” by Tahiti 80

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan in 'Platonic' Episode 2 / Tahiti 80
Source: Apple TV Plus / Getty Images

A similar vibe but different lyrics, “Lost in the Sound” makes the events of Episode 1 feel like a fever dream. The lyrics begin, “What kind of dream was it last night,” which brings us back to the night of Will’s party when he and Sylvia rekindled their friendship. Tahiti 80 is a French indie pop band with discography dating all the way back to 1999.

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‘Platonic’ Episode 3, “Partner’s Retreat” — “Na Na Song” By The Jon Johns

“Na Na Song” tracks Sylvia and Will’s relationship as they get closer, and realize their lives aren’t that dissimilar. The lyrics, “I think we are the same kind, you and I,” are exemplary of why they became friends in the first place. The Jon Johns are a lesser-known band than the prior two with just over 16,000 Spotify listeners and albums going back to only 2019. Even still, their song is catchy and unique with its electronic feel!

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‘Platonic’ Episode 4, “Divorce Party” — “Keep It in Line” by BRONCHO

As we dive further into Sylvia and Will’s lives, we learn more about their pasts. In Episode 4, Will is learning how to come to terms with his divorce. The song’s lyrics hint at infidelity and also say, “I want you to keep it line,” which could foreshadow the chaos of Will’s party. BRONCHO is a 2010 indie rock band who are not new to television. Their songs have been featured in Girls, Santa Clarita Diet, Reservation Dogs, and more.

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‘Platonic’ Episode 5, “My Wife’s Boyfriend” — “Waste My Time” by Ari Lennox

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan in 'Platonic' Episode 5 / Ari Lennox
Source: Apple TV Plus / Getty Images

In Episode 5 of Platonic, Chris starts to feel threatened by Sylvia and Will’s close friendship, while Will explores his relationship with his much younger girlfriend, Peyton. “Waste My Time” is a perfect song to encapsulate this as it hints that there may be more to Sylvia and Will’s friendship than what meets the eye. R&B singer Ari Lennox has been featured in the Billboard Top 100 and was even nominated for a Grammy.

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‘Platonic’ Episode 6, “The Big Two Six” — “Work B---h” by Britney Spears

Rose Byrne in 'Platonic' Episode 6 / Britney Spears
Source: Apple TV Plus / Getty Images

As Sylvia makes changes in her work life, Will and Peyton are figuring out what’s going on in their relationship. So naturally, Britney Spears’ iconic “Work B---h” is a perfect way to bring us into their world. We all know Britney, who has been in the news recently for the “Free Britney” movement, but she was a mega pop star before she became a pop culture icon.

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‘Platonic’ Episode 7, “Let the River Run” — “She Works Hard for the Money” by Donna Summer

Rose Byrne in 'Platonic' Episode 7 / Donna Summer
Source: Apple TV Plus / Getty Images

Sylvia’s professional life is taking off while Will’s professional life is hitting some hurdles. And both of them are quite literally “working hard for the money”! Donna Summer died only recently in 2012 after her iconic hits changed music forever, such as “Love to Love You Baby” and “Last Dance.” Throughout her career, Donna won five Grammys and was ranked sixth by Billboard on its list of the “Greatest All-Time Top Dance Artists.”

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‘Platonic’ Episode 8, “San Diego” — "Let the River Run" by Carly Simon

Rose Byrne in 'Platonic' Episode 8 / Carly Simon
Source: Apple TV Plus/Carly Simon

Will and company take Sylvia on a business trip to San Diego, while Charlie continues to have his suspicions about the nature of Will and Sylvia's friendship.

That's right, this week's theme song shares its name with last week's episode title! The song was also the theme song of the 1988 film Working Girl, acting as yet another connection to Sylvia's career ambitions.

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'Platonic' Episode 9, "Slumber Party" — "Bad Habit" by Steve Lacy

seth rogen and rose byrne in episode 9 of platonic, steve lacy performing on stage
Source: Apple TV Plus / Getty Images

Charlie crosses a line after growing frustrated with how much time Sylvia has been spending with Will.

The lyrics of "Bad Habit" definitely hint at Charlie's worst fears when it comes to Will and Sylvia: "I wish I knew you wanted me ... [I] coulda made a move / If I knew I'd be with you / Is it too late to pursue?"

Since its 2022 release, "Bad Habit" has become super popular — it has even made the jump to TikTok where a sped-up version has been used in more than 600k videos.

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'Platonic' Episode 10, "When Will Met Sylvia" — "Good Friend" by Simi Stone

sylvia and will in season 1 finale of platonic
Source: Apple

Tensions between Will and Sylvia are at an all-time high at a housewarming party.

The Season 1 finale theme song is "Good Friend" by Simi Stone. This under-the-radar song perfectly encapsulates Will and Sylvia's relationship and the fact that at the end of the day, they'll always have each other's back.

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