These "We Need an American Girl Doll" Memes Will Make You Cry With Laughter

The latest meme trend to take over social media is the "we need an American Girl doll who" format. Here are a few of our favorites!

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Jun. 21 2022, Published 4:34 p.m. ET

It's time to kick the "Morbin' Time" and Wordle memes to the curb because a brand-new meme format is currently taking the internet by storm. Created by American Girl doll Instagram meme page @hellicity_merriman, the meme template allows people to sarcastically encourage American Girl to create a specific type of doll.

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From an American Girl doll who fell off the Mayflower in 1620 to one who lost both her hands working in a textile mill to another whose father started the Great Fire of London, there's plenty of absurdity for everyone to appreciate.

We've rounded up some of our favorite "We need an American Girl Doll" memes — check them out below!

We’ve all done this, don’t lie!

There's truly nothing better than eating shredded cheese straight out of the bag. Trust us — it's good for the soul.

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It's giving Shiv Roy in 'Succession.'

If anyone needs this American Girl doll, it's Shiv Roy from Succession. The poor girl got completely screwed over in the Season 3 finale not only by her father, but by her sweet husband as well (#TeamTom all the way, sorry!)

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'A Midsummer Night's Dream' will forever be our fave.

English majors (aka us) deserve the representation!

We took plenty of Shakespeare-centric classes in college, and the fixation grew overtime until we literally spent all of our free time re-reading A Midsummer Night's Dream and obsessing over Christian Bale as Demetrius in the 1999 film adaptation.

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This red swimsuit had every teenage girl in a chokehold.

We don't know about you, but every girl in our high school reposted this viral swimsuit photo on Instagram as if their lives would change overnight. Honestly, did anyone even win this giveaway?! If so, let us know because we're just dying to know.

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But, like ... who ended up winning the Danimals sweepstakes?!

Besides the viral red swimsuit, the biggest mystery of all just so happens to be the Danimals sweepstakes — who ended up winning and hanging out with Dylan and Cole Sprouse?! Maybe the American Girl doll will bring us clarity on the situation.

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This is oddly specific, but we get it.

We genuinely have no words, but the American Girl doll version of this very, and we mean very, specific story that gets worse with every new scenario. And, based on the replies, it seems others have experienced something similar ... is everyone OK?!

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The lion, the witch, and the audacity of this man!

OK, obviously they meant Paul Revere's midnight ride, but it still made us laugh!

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We feel personally attacked.

This American Girl doll fits a targeted demographic, and we're a part of it. Come on. What teenage girl didn't hope one of the members of One Direction, specifically Harry Styles, would notice them in the crowd?! We all wanted that fanfic moment.

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We were today years old when we learned about the Kentucky meat shower.

Although we didn't know what the Kentucky meat shower was prior to this meme, we desperately need American Girl to start selling this doll as soon as possible. In all honesty, her existence would change our life for the better.

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The great clown panic of 2016 will be in history textbooks one day.

There's nothing like waking up for school and seeing a killer clown Twitter account threatening to take over your campus! It was truly a terrifying time, but thankfully we all survived what felt like a total fever dream.

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