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Who Is Halsey Dating Now? – "The Without Me" Singer Is Living With Her Beau



Halsey's love life is a rollercoaster – quite literally.

The "Without Me" singer was spotted at the Six Flags Theme Park in Santa Clarita, CA back in September 2019. What's more, she had something much better to hold onto during the spooky ride than the handlebar — actor Evans Peters' hands no less. 

Wasting no time with sulking over her recent breakup with British singer and long-time collaborator, Yungblud, she plunged herself into a new relationship with a star she fancied since 2012. And, four months later, she and Evan made the move to live together.

Are Halsey and Evan Peters dating? Here's the timeline of their relationship.

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Halsey was seriously into her new boyfriend, long before they actually met. A few, now-deleted tweets dating back to the early 2010s can help explain the nature of their relationship. Back in the day, she composed quite a few tweets to confess her immense appreciation for Evans. 

In 2012, she took it to Twitter to praise Evan's performance in American Horror Story, writing, "Seriously Evan Peters stop making me attracted to alleged sociopaths and accused murderers..." 

One year later, in a sudden bout of unbridled enthusiasm, she returned to Twitter, adding, "Petition for Evan Peters to date me." 

And, another year later, the singer professed that "I’m a f--king liar I’m so in love with Evan Peters I’m so whipped I’m whipped as f--k !"

They're reportedly living together after four months of dating.

Halsey and Evan are both not really publicizing their relationship. He's not big on social media and she posts quite frequently but most of her posts are more about her work than her relationships. Perhaps having some of her previous relationships being so in the public eye is making her want to keep this one more private.

Still, Halsey confirmed their relationship in a Halloween post. The first image is her in her costume and the second is her and Evan.

Although they've been very quiet since then, a source at Us Weekly claimed that the couple are actually already living together. Moving in with your boyfriend after only four months of dating? Looks like this is pretty serious. The source went on to say that Evan's friends fully approve of the relationship and that they complement each other's "weird"-ness.

Yungblud, who? 

Halsey began dating Evan shortly after breaking up with singer Yungblud. She also snatched up Evans just months after his split from fiancé and partner of seven years, Emma Roberts.   

Her breakup with Yungblud left some wondering if she found the inspiration for "Graveyard" there.

With lyrics as bold and daring as "The thing you love the most is the detriment," it would be easy to interpret "Graveyard" as a ballad chronicling the demise of their relationship. Releasing a song about a breakup soon after it happened wouldn't be unusual for Halsey. 

In February 2019, the singer transformed her SNL performance into an intimate, genuine reflection on the bitter end of her relationship with former partner, G-Eazy. She and G-Eazy dated from mid 2017 to late 2018 and he reportedly cheated on her during their time together. 

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Her performance of "Without Me" was an honest-to-fault, impassioned portrayal of the enduring pain of a recent heartbreak. 

On the other hand, "Graveyard" is a more versatile song with a slow build-up. Halsey and Yungblud capture the lack of synchronicity, the conflicts, and the devastating feeling of things not going the right way. 

Plus, the chorus, "I know when you go down all your darkest roads, I would've followed all the way to the graveyard" is far more powerful than romantic poetry. 

We hope that if the songstress writes any songs about Evan, they'll have a happier tune.

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