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Source: FOX

Odds Are [SPOILER] Will Win 'The Masked Singer' Season 2


The competition is heating up on the second season of The Masked Singer, and while the finale is still weeks away, there are some early favorites. 

US-Bookies.com has released the odds on the remaining contestants — from the Flower to the Leopard — and revealed who has the best chance of being crowned the winner.

So, who will win The Masked Singer Season 2?

When it comes to placing your bets on who is who, the oddsmakers are pretty certain that Patti LaBelle is the Flower while the odds point to American Idol alum Chris Daughtry as the Rottweiler

As for who has the best shot on winning the whole thing, keep reading to find out. Warning: spoilers ahead:

1. Thingamajig (25/1)

Source: FOX

It's not looking good for Thingamajig. But odds are an athlete is hiding under that mask. The favorites: Victor Oladipo, Dennis Rodman, or Tony Parker.