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Who's Left on 'The Masked Singer'? Super Nine Face off for Golden Mask Trophy



Season 3 of The Masked Singer kicked off on Feb. 5 with more contestants than ever before — a total of 18, to be exact. That's because the popular singing competition rolled out a slightly different format this time around. To start, the masked singers were split into three different groups (A,B, and C) with six contestants per group. After three of them were eliminated from each group, the "Super Nine" went on to compete for the golden mask trophy.

Let's take a closer look at who's left on The Masked Singer, as well as the top predictions for each contestant in the Super Nine. Because things just got real on Season 3.


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The Kangaroo originated in Group A — and thanks to her popularity, she made it all the way to the Super Nine. Although there are so many different theories floating around out there about who is behind the Kangaroo mask, these are the top contenders, according to US-Bookies.com: Brooke Hogan (5/2); Lindsay Lohan (18/5); Jordyn Woods (5/1); Jordin Sparks (5/1); Iggy Azalea (6/1); Natalie Imbruglia (8/1); and Kelly Rowland (12/1).


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The Turtle — who also hails from Group A — is another lucky contestant who made it to the Super Nine on Season 3 of The Masked Singer. Top predictions, per US-Bookies.com, for this talented reptile include: Jesse McCartney (6/5); Adam Lambert (3/1); Aaron Carter (6/1); and Billie Joe Armstrong (10/1).

White Tiger

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The White Tiger is the third and final member of Group A to make it to the Super Nine. Here's who US-Bookies.com predicts is behind this fierce feline: Rob Gronkowski (6/5); Baron Corbin (7/1); Terry Crews (15/2); Hulk Hogan (8/1); and Dwayne Johnson (8/1).


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The Banana is from Group B, and judges have gone B-A-N-A-N-A-S over trying to figure out what celebrity could be behind his mask. In case you were curious, the folks at US-Bookies.com predict he could be: Bret Michaels (1/4); Jason Bateman (6/1); Darius Rucker (13/2); Weird Al Yankovic (11/1); Johnny Bananas (12/1); and Blake Shelton (14/1).


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There have been some pretty wild guesses about the identity of the Frog from Group B even before viewers heard him sing. Now that the Frog is in the Super Nine, US-Bookies.com thinks it could be: Bow Wow (2/5); Romeo Miller, aka Lil Romeo (7/2); Ray J (4/1); Seth MacFarlane (4/1); Justin Theroux (8/1); Alfonso Ribeiro (10/1); and DJ Jazzy Jeff, aka Jeffrey Allen Townes (11/1).


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The Kitty is another fan favorite on Season 3 of The Masked Singer — so it's no surprise the Group B contestant made it through to the Super Nine. Here are the predictions, according to US-Bookies.com: Elizabeth Gillies (6/4); Elizabeth Berkley (21/10); Sarah Hyland (7/2); Lindsay Lohan (5/1); Mae Whitman (5/1); Kate Bosworth (7/1); Minnie Driver (10/1); and Kristen Bell (10/1).


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Originating from Group C, the Rhino stole the hearts of viewers everywhere from day one. US-Bookies.com predicts the Rhino could be: John Travolta (6/4); Barry Zito (5/2); Tim Tebow (7/2); Jason Aldean (5/1); Tim McGraw (6/1); and David Hasselhoff (14/1).


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The Astronaut got his start in Group C, and has proven himself worthy of the Super Nine. Here are the top predictions for this out-of-this-world space cadet: Hunter Hayes (2/7); Joseph Gordon-Levitt (2/1); Lance Bass (11/4); Josh Hutcherson (3/1); and Adam DeVine (7/2).

Night Angel

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Last but certainly not least, the Night Angel rounds out the Super Nine on Season 3 of The Masked Singer. According to US-Bookies.com, the identify of the Night Angel could very well be the following: Kandi Burruss (1/3); Taylor Dayne (11/4); Monica (4/1); Lil Kim (5/1); and Jeffree Star (10/1).

And there you have it: everyone who's left on The Masked Singer for Season 3. Be sure to watch The Masked Singer at 8 p.m. Wednesdays on FOX to see which of the Super Nine ultimately wins the golden mask trophy.

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