Jefferson White Talks Saying Goodbye to the Yellowstone Ranch in Season 4 Finale (EXCLUSIVE)

Will Jimmy come back to 'Yellowstone'? Jefferson White opens up exclusively to 'Distractify' about the 6666 Ranch, hosting a new podcast, and more.

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Jan. 13 2022, Published 12:18 p.m. ET

Jefferson White in 'Yellowstone'
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Season 4 of Yellowstone brought about some seismic changes for Dutton ranch hand, Jimmy Hurdstram. Having barely recovered from getting bucked off of a horse in the Season 3 Finale, the ranch hand was forced to start a new life on Texas's 6666 (Four Sixes) Ranch, per John Dutton's orders.

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Jimmy took this new opportunity in Texas to learn, swiftly transforming into a real cowboy with a clear sense of direction. So, is Jimmy saying goodbye to his Yellowstone family for good?

Jimmy and his new fiancée, Emily, briefly returned to the Dutton Ranch in the Season 4 Finale of Yellowstone, only to pull a U-turn and head back to the 6666. With creator Taylor Sheridan's spinoff series 6666 in the works, many fans wonder if the character will return to Yellowstone?

Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, Kelly Reilly, and Jefferson White
Source: The Official Yellowstone Podcast

The first season of Official Yellowstone Podcast was recorded at the Wynn Las Vegas state-of-the art recording studio

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Distractify spoke exclusively with actor Jefferson White to learn more about Jimmy's redemption arc, that fight scene between Emily (Kathryn Kelly) and his ex-girlfriend Mia (Eden Brolin), and his latest venture, The Official Yellowstone Podcast.

Will Jimmy come back to the Yellowstone Ranch?

In true Yellowstone fashion, Jefferson stayed mum when it came to spilling potential spoilers, telling us, "I wish I knew more about what happens next for Jimmy, I really don’t."

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He continued, "Anytime I try to guess what Taylor writes, it's always more interesting and better than anything I could have guessed," adding, "I’m really excited to find out along with everybody else what’s next for Jimmy."

At this time, it has not been officially announced if Jefferson will be starring in the upcoming 6666 spinoff.

Jefferson White talks Mia, Jimmy, and Emily love triangle in 'Yellowstone' Season 4.

Jimmy made a triumphant return to the Dutton Ranch in the Season 4 Finale of Yellowstone. Clad in an iconic 6666 Carhartt jacket with his fiancée in tow, the reformed ranch hand was ready and rearing to show off his new skills — but trouble soon ensued. As Jefferson says, handling the fast-evolving Emily versus Mia situation was hardly a walk in the park for his character.

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"For Jimmy, the idea of hurting somebody, of causing somebody pain, is very difficult. Jimmy really hated to have to hurt Mia," Jefferson told us. "He was put in a position where he really had to choose between Mia and Emily. The most merciful thing was to be honest. The most merciful thing was to express exactly how he felt, which was that his future is with Emily."

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At this stage, it's uncertain if Season 5 of Yellowstone or the forthcoming Yellowstone spinoff, 6666, will touch on the conflict.

"Taylor has a real track record of giving characters highs and lows in quick succession," Jefferson said, "and giving characters the best moment of their life followed quickly by the worst moment of their life. I don't really know what's next. Anytime it looks like it's going well, I get nervous."

In addition to his work on 'Yellowstone', Jefferson hosts 'The Official Yellowstone Podcast.'

The Official Yellowstone Podcast premiered on Dec. 9, 2021, with an episode featuring Wes Bentley and Luke Grimes. Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly, Forrie J. Smith and Bobby Roberts, Ryan Bingham and Yellowstone music supervisor Andrea von Foerster, and Jennifer Landon and Kelsey Asbille have all appeared on the podcast.

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Previous episodes of the podcast explore themes like the Yellowstone soundtrack and the real-life implications of becoming a cowboy, offering in-depth insight into the life and work of Ryan Bingham (who doubles as a musician) and Forrie J. Smith (who rode horses long before landing a role on Yellowstone.)

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"Yellowstone has represented a lot of firsts for me. It represented a ton of learning for me, and not least of which is to learn from these actors I admire so much," Jefferson explained.

"Kelly's work, I've been a fan of for years, so getting to learn about her process, how she approaches it, as a young actor, that's a tremendous gift," Jefferson added. "The opportunity to talk to Cole (Cole Hauser) about how he approaches the work, to talk to Wes Bentley, to talk to Luke Grimes, that was a really unique opportunity that I'm so grateful for."

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Future episodes of 'The Official Yellowstone Podcast' will feature the cast of 'Yellowstone' and '1883.'

As Jefferson teases, the next episodes of The Official Yellowstone Podcast will further up the ante.

"We spoke to Mo Brings Plenty, Gil Birmingham, to the cast of 1883, so Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Isabel May," Jefferson said. "Those were really special opportunities for me because I've been a fan of Sam Elliott's for years. I've been a fan of Tim McGraw's for years."

New episodes of The Official Yellowstone Podcast drop every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other platforms.

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