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The teen thriller series Cruel Summer follows two teenage girls: Kate Wallis, a popular high schooler who disappears without a trace, and Jeanette Turner, an awkward teen who takes over Kate's life after she goes missing.

Years later, Kate is found alive and accuses Jeanette of witnessing her abduction but doing nothing about it, causing Jeanette to become one of the most hated people in America. Episodes alternate between Jeanette and Kate's viewpoint until the true story unfolds.

Cruel Summer was renewed for a second season in June 2021.

Network: Freeform

First Episode Date: April 20, 2021


  • Olivia Holt (Kate Wallis)
  • Chiara Aurelia (Jeanette Turner)
  • Froy Guiterrez (Jamie Henson)
  • Harley Quinn Smith (Mallory Higgins)
  • Brooklyn Sudano (Angela Prescott)
  • Blake Lee (Martin Harris)
  • Allius Barnes (Vince Fuller)
  • Nathaniel Ashton (Ben Hallowell)
  • Michael Landes (Greg Turner)
  • Sarah Drew (Cindy Turner)
  • Andrea Anders (Joy Wallis)

Where to Watch: Hulu

Latest Cruel Summer News and Updates

  • (l-r): 'Cruel Summer' Season 1 cast members Chiara Auriela as Jeanette Turner, Harley Quinn Smith as Mallory Higgins, Froy Gutierrez as Jamie Henson, Allius Barnes as Vince Fuller, and Olivia Holt as Kate Wallis

    Everything We Know About the ‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2 Release Date

    'Cruel Summer' ended on a cliffhanger in Season 1. Now that it's back for Season 2, the show will have many significant plot changes and a new cast.
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  • Jeanette Turner

    Did Jeanette Actually See Kate in the Basement on 'Cruel Summer'? Fans Are Shook

    Is Jeanette Turner guilty in 'Cruel Summer'? Kate Wallis accused Jeanette of keeping her whereabouts a secret after the former was kidnapped.
    By Shannon Raphael
  • Martin Harris

    The 'Cruel Summer' Finale Revealed the Truth About What Happened to Martin Harris

    How did Martin Harris die in 'Cruel Summer?' The Season 1 finale shed a new light on the Assistant Principal's death. Details on what really happened.
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  • Kate Wallis in cruel Summer

    'Cruel Summer's' Time Jumps Are Confusing — How Long Exactly Was Kate Wallis Missing?

    Fans now know some of the facts behind Kate Wallis' mysterious kidnapping on the drama 'Cruel Summer.' But how long was she actually missing?
    By Toni Sutton
  • 'Cruel Summer'

    Kate and Jeanette Face off in Court During the 'Cruel Summer' Season 1 Finale (SPOILERS)

    The 'Cruel Summer' Season 1 ending kept viewers on edge from beginning to end. Find out all of the essential spoilers from the tenth episode.
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  • Jeanette in 'Cruel Summer'

    It's Official — 'Cruel Summer' Is Coming Back

    The first season of Freeform's newest teen drama 'Cruel Summer' is underway, but is it a limited series, or will there be a second season?
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  • Cruel Summer

    What's the Deal With the Snow Globe in 'Cruel Summer'?

    What does the snow globe mean in 'Cruel Summer'? And why does Jeanette want the snow globe from Mallory? Is there a special meaning behind it?
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  • Jamie and Jeanette at the skating ring,

    Do Fans Know the Exact Truth on Why Jamie Punched Jeanette on 'Cruel Summer'?

    In the first episode of the teen drama 'Cruel Summer,' viewers saw Jeanette Turner get hit by her boyfriend Jamie Henson. Why did he punch her?
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  • 'Cruel Summer'

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  • Kate and Jeanette in 'Cruel Summer'

    Is Freeform's New Teen Drama 'Cruel Summer' Based on a True Story?

    Freeform’s teen drama 'Cruel Summer' tells a chillingly real story, but is the series based on a true story? Did real events inspire 'Cruel Summer'?
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  • Jeanette's Mom in Cruel Summer

    So, What Happened to Jeannette's Mom in 'Cruel Summer'?

    Every episode of 'Cruel Summer' has us on the edge of our seats. If you're wondering what the heck happened to Jeanette's mom, who mysteriously vanished, you're not alone.
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  • 'Cruel Summer'

    'Cruel Summer' Fans Have a Few Theories About the Identity of Annabelle

    Who is Annabelle in Freeform's 'Cruel Summer'? The psychological teen thriller has left fans theorizing who or what Annabelle is. Check them out.
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  • 'Cruel Summer'

    Allius Barnes Teases Freeform Series 'Cruel Summer': "Both [Teens] Aren't Telling the Truth" (EXCLUSIVE)

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