These Blue "MAGA" Hats Did Not Pass the Vibe Check

Blue "Made America Great Already" hats are being sold online to drown out the infamous red "MAGA" hats, but not everyone likes them.

Sara Belcher - Author

Dec. 4 2020, Published 4:03 p.m. ET

blue maga hat
Source: Twitter

After more than four years of red "Make America Great Again" hats being worn by supporters of President Donald Trump, many on the opposing side are hoping the sea of red will soon end. While we're certain there will still be those who choose to wear their "MAGA" merch with pride even after President-Elect Joe Biden is inaugurated, there also seems to be a new trend of blue "MAGA" hats going around, advocating instead for the Democrat party. But not everyone likes the idea of keeping "MAGA" around.

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The Biden/Harris campaign released blue "MAGA" hats.

In an effort to reclaim the term "MAGA," some Democrats decided to released a new piece of merchandise with its own version of the phrase. Instead of "MAGA" standing for the infamous slogan "Make America Great Again," the Democrats attempted to change it to "Made America Great Already."

These hats aren't affiliated with the Biden/Harris campaign, and instead seem to have been independently designed and are being sold on Amazon.

maga blue
Source: Twitter
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The hat design first started making rounds on Twitter after the account @BidenHarrisHats shared a series of photos of the hat and some people wearing it.

"You 'Made America Great Already' simply by firing and evicting Trump from our White House," the tweet read. "Get your BIDEN 'BLUE' MAGA HAT now. Biden 'Made America Great Already' because he is sending Trump to prison."

According to a report from Vanity Fair, President Trump is allegedly worried about "existing investigations," as well as other federal "probes" supposedly happening behind the scenes that haven't been revealed publicly yet, which is where the allegation that he will be going to prison after the inauguration comes from.

The blue hat is in the same style as the infamous "MAGA" hat, only bright blue. On Amazon, they are $14.99 before tax and come in either a curved visor or snapback.

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But most Twitter users weren't a fan of this new slogan.

Many of the liberal users on Twitter have considered the throng of "MAGA" fans a "cult" of sorts, comparing the very loyal far-right and pro-Trump users to those worshipping figureheads in cults and other extremist religious groups. 

According to Newsweek, the reviews on the hat indicate that they're not a new design, and have actually been sold on the site since mid-2019. Those who purchased and reviewed the hat said they used it to "spark conversation" with others.

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"Received our hats last weekend and we wore the matching hats to lunch sparking conversation with a veteran who has Made America Great Already," one reviewer wrote. "I ordered hats for both my husband and me because we love the message, and we feel that through our efforts and community work we have done our part to make this a great nation. We also know of many other people who have as well (and continue to do so) and we wear them to celebrate them as well."

But since the hat is now being shared on Twitter, many are condemning it and its message, claiming it aligns too closely with the original slogan. 

"We just got done with one cult. We don't need another," one Twitter user responded to the initial tweet. "Take all of those damn hats and create a bonfire large enough to be seen from outer space. This is a RIDICULOUS idea. Don't do this."

"How do none of y’all feel embarrassed," another wrote, while some just replied "No."

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