"The Best Hand You Can Be Dealt" : Woman Explains Why Being a Nepo Sibling Is Better Than Being a Nepo Baby

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jan. 15 2024, Published 12:39 p.m. ET

tiktok user @superkeara
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We always hear about nepo babies or the children of a famous actor, actress, or musician who arguably received their start in the entertainment industry based on who their parents are.

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Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson
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Actress Goldie Hawn pictured with partner Kurt Russell, and her two famous children Kate and Oliver Hudson

Some prime examples include Kate and Oliver Hudson, Gwenyth Paltrow, Dakota Johnson, and others.

But is the benefit of having a celebrity in the family only exclusive to children? One TikTok user makes a strong case for nepotism siblings, claiming that it's actually better to be a younger sibling of a star, rather than the child of one.

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One woman argues that being a nepotism sibling is better than being a nepotism baby.

TikTok user Keara Sullivan took to the platform to share her aspirations of being a nepo sibling in her next life.

"The best hand you can be dealt in this lifetime by far is to be born the younger sibling of a famous person, or just be a little nepotism little sibling as I like call it," she says in a video.

Providing examples like Dave Franco, Liam Hemsworth, and Elle Fanning, Keara claims that they "truly must have been saints in their past life cause they hit the jackpot with this cycle."

Unlike nepo babies, which often get a bad rep, Keara notes that "being a nepotism little sibling gives you all the benefits of being a nepotism baby, but none of the stigma."

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She explains that when a nepo baby reflects on how hard it was to grow up with a famous parent, "no one really gives a s--t" since it's not relatable.

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“But when a nepotism sibling talks about how hard it was to grow up in the shadow of an older sibling," she says "that will make the public root for you," since feeling like the outcast or second favorite child is a feeling people can relate to.

"And the crazy thing is they don’t even have to like your older sibling for them to like you," Keara explains.

tiktok comment nepotism siblings better than nepo babies
Source: TikTok
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She illustrates this concept by using Casey Affleck, Ben Affleck's younger brother as an example, claiming that when Casey started acting, people were impressed by his talent. He even grabbed the attention of Ben's haters as they, in spite of Ben, thought it was Casey who should be the famous one.

"Like he got Ben’s fans and haters on his side. Talk about having it made," Keara says as she ends her video.

In the comment section, folks were impressed by Keara's spot-on observation. "You're like modern day Socrates," wrote one user. "You never fail to connect all the dots for me," said a second.

A third user put a term to this phenomenon of being the sibling of famous celebrity, writing "I love lateral nepotism so much."

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tiktok comment nepotism siblings better than nepo babies
Source: TikTok

Meanwhile, others began to list off some nepo siblings who garnered their own cult-like following as a result of their sibling's star power.

"The fourth, non-Jonas Brothers Jonas brother," one user named, to which Keara responded: "Frankie, forever in our hearts."

"Kieran Culkin and Elizabeth Olsen have this on lock," read another comment.

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tiktok comment nepotism siblings better than nepo babies
Source: tiktok

Another user pointed out how although Selena Gomez's younger sister, Gracie, may not be a celebrity in her own right, she definitely benefits from her sister's success. "She gets to know Taylor Swift," the user wrote.

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