Here's Where Quad and Simone Stand After the 'Married to Medicine' Season 10 Reunion

Quad said on X she was "heartbroken and brokenhearted" by Simone's "insensitive" comments at the 'Married to Medicine' reunion.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Mar. 11 2024, Published 12:08 p.m. ET

(l-r): Quad Webb and Dr. Simone Whitmore
Source: Bravo

Part two of the Married to Medicine Season 10 reunion aired on Bravo on Sunday, March 10, 2024. The reunion began with Quad Webb addressing her castmates' concerns that she could've been behind a 2020 video of Dr. Jackie Walters stating pregnant Black women often "cry wolf" to their doctors regarding their medical care. However, amid her and Jackie's issues, Quad faced another feud with her longtime friend, Dr. Simone Whitmore.

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Quad and Simone's beef had been simmering all season long. But Simone did something to Quad she later said lacked "humanity."

Here's what went down.

(l-r): Dr. Simone Whitmore and Quad Webb
Source: Getty Images
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Quad Webb and Dr. Simone have been feuding on and off of 'Married to Medicine.'

Quad and Simone have been on Married to Medicine from the beginning, though Quad took a step back from the series in Season 8. During their time on the show, the OGs have bumped heads over something that has been affecting them and the rest of the group for quite some time.

Throughout M2M's 10-year run, many of Quad's cast members, including Simone, Dr. Jackie, Toya Bush-Harris, and Dr. Heavenly Kimes, complained Quad hadn't been as supportive of a friend to them as they had been to her. The tension worsened over the years and exploded at the cast's Season 10 trip to Napa for Toya's wine company. On the trip, Simone told Quad that the OGs wanted her to pack her bags and leave the excursion.

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At the reunion, Simone further discussed her and Quad's problems with the group and host Andy Cohen. Simone said she never felt Quad was a good friend to her or the OGs, though Simone sometimes supported Quad. Simone mentioned the more recent time she was there for her friend, stating it was after Quad's niece, Aryanna Rice, was found dead in her pool. Simone said she took action and reached out to Quad and their relationship had begun getting back on track.

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Before Simone shared what happened to Quad's niece, Quad tearfully begged her not to tell the story in front of everyone and all of us at home. Quad hadn't discussed her niece Ari's death during her season, though it had been in the news. When Simone didn't listen, Quad cried as she listened to Simone's recount.

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After the reunion aired, Quad made several posts on X, formerly Twitter, addressing Simone's comments. She said she was "heartbroken and disgusted" by Simone's actions and accused her of using her family's pain to stir up more drama with Quad.

"Where is the humanity?" Quad asked in her tweet. "I’m a real person with a family that’s in pain, and we’re struggling every day trying to heal. Just insensitive I would never use anyone’s family’s hurt and pain as a source of entertainment. My family and I struggle on the daily. I am heartbroken & disgusted. I can’t believe production let this fly."

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Quad and Simone reconciled at part 2 of the Season 10 reunion, confusing 'M2M' fans.

After Simone mentioned Quad's niece during a scene from the reunion, fans ended the first installment with the assumption the two were no longer friends. Quad's tweets against Simone and Simone leaving a warning ahead of the reunion for us to "keep it cute or get blocked."

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In part two of the three-part special, Quad and Simone showed a side of them many weren't expecting. When the cast went on a lunch break, Quad went into Simone's dressing room and admitted she had fallen off as a friend when she saw the Napa trip play out onscreen. Quad also told Simone "I hear you" and thanked the OBGYN for "being there for me" during her family hardship.

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"We have lost out on a number of years, and I'm tired of it," Quad told Simone. "I want it over."

Simone confirmed to Quad "I receive it" and they hugged it out and moved on with the rest of the reunion. To those watching the scene and following the feud online, the friends getting back together was confusing, especially after Quad called Simone's actions inhumane just weeks after their reconciliation was filmed.

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The mismatch in Quad's words and actions caused some fans to wonder if she had played up her and Simone's issues for the cameras after she admitted Simone may have had a point in questioning her loyalty to her and the rest if the friend group.

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"This is why I can’t stand Quad!" one user wrote on X. "She is fake af and does everything for social media. Why would you go online last week looking for sympathy & have people dragging Dr. Simone when you KNOW right after the break you went to HER dressing room right after?"

"And finally took accountability!!" they continued. "Basically admitted to what Simone said you did???? And confirmed that once the show came back online, you started retreating from the ladies all over again and started the social media antics all over again? QUAD NEEDS TO GOOOO."

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Is Quad Webb leaving 'Married to Medicine?'

Quad Webb
Source: Bravo

Although she was asked to leave the Napa trip, Quad was still considered a cast member for M2M Season 10. However, she hinted that her future on the show for Season 11 is up in the air.

In March 2024, Dr. Heavenly stated on her YouTube channel that the network had asked each Season 10 cast member—including the OGs and newbies Phaedra Parks, LaTeasha "Sweet Tea" Lunceford, and Dr. Alicia Egolum—to return for another season.

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After Heavenly's announcement, several of her co-stars, including Quad, debunked what she said. On March 7, 2024, Quad stated on X "I haven’t signed anything" regarding a Married to Medicine contract. However, Toya stated on her X account that all of the ladies had received offer letters but not an official contract.

Married to Medicine is available to stream on Peacock.

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